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  • monkabc3 monkabc3 Mar 13, 2012 2:37 PM Flag

    Tech opts out of Fiji

    Marko, you can make up all the stories you want about me but you were banging the drum HARD when NIA and their ilk (i.e. you) did their pump and dumps at $3.50. "Buy, Buy, Buy" you said for a stock that had zero momentum and zero catalysts for the next two years. Surprise, surprise it is trading at $2. Guess what it will be 2 months from now... $2. Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. Stick to grinding out facts, your investment advise leaves much to be desired. Wasn't it SSD that said it would be at $3.00 by now?

    Sure, I will buy back in during your next pump and dump this summer, I like to make money on my money. But to invest long term on a stock that is going to do nothing until Q4 2013? My , my... look at the volume today, like any other, bunch of chumps betting their $300 nest egg, hoping to cover their commissions. A joke.

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    • Monk,

      It was not:

      Following your astute business sense, Nautilus would have rushed ahead years ago with no permits or funding in hand. Instead of being on-track for 2013, they would be penniless.

      You need to get over the fact that Nautilus did not rush blindly ahead -- as you've stated ad-nauseam -- that they should have.

      Nautilus took thoughtful, prudent steps. They now are sitting on a mining permit, exploration leases & permits, environmental permits, multiple cores and assays from multiple sites beyond Solwara I, a partnership for the ship (which is under construction), vehicles that are designed and being built and a riser & pump that is designed and will soon be built.

      This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a world changing stuff that takes time to create. Nautilus has met their milestones and are on track to meet the schedule they laid out for first ore (Q4 13). Do you realize that bringing a mine on in less than a decade at a third of normal capex is a big thing? This is will change the way mines are created going forward. Low concentration terrestrial mines spanning thousands of acres will go the way of the horse and buggy.

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      • SSD,

        I totally, 100% agree with you. It is going to be awesome. When the time comes I am going all in and going to be buying all the way up with all the margin I can muster. I am 100% committed to this venture and have been since I began coverage some 8 years ago when Heydon was at the helm and driving this idea like a bat out of h*ll. There isn't a day that goes by where I look at my 'retirement fund' and pray that some pump and dumpers don't drive the price up prior to actual real catalysts. Point is, there is no reason to buy or NUSMF.OB shares for at least a year. Case in point, I made $4300 on my money yesterday from a one day trade. If I invested in Nautilus I would have made nothing and continued to lose money on my investment. I can buy NUS a year from now for $2.50 or less, why would I park my money in it now?

      • Rogers could have not been a scared chicken and continued with the equipment build KNOWING that the mining permit was secured and we would be digging up gold right now. Their cash burn rate trumps the savings on a "better build deal in more favorable economic climates."

        Awesome company, amazing concept, 'a rare sure thing', "old man" management but I will concede... prudent, to the frustration of the shareholders albeit. The flow of information is extremely appreciated, the pumping of the stock is not.

        Respectfully submitted,

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