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  • jfriedman2 jfriedman2 Sep 5, 2002 3:56 PM Flag

    Bought this POS

    when it crashed down from the 70's. Was 48 a good buy sure seemed to be....but hindsight is 20/20....I hate this market, and I hate owning this plummeting stock. The market has all but wiped me out financially. Can't wait for Bush to get voted out of office. I blame the government for this mess. Foreign policy sucks...The government is the reason for all of our domestic and international problems. What secure future do we have with the present administration. Zilch!

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    • AT 15 YOU GOTTA HOLD.To late to sell even if intc goes to 8-10 area.I'm in long as well and will cost average down but maybe not until next year.For now its dead $ and may go lower but just fuck looking at it anymore.I already have 3k in loss for this tax year that will come right off my taxable income.By this time next year stocks will be higher [i hope]and the government will have lost so much $ in taxes due to alot of people taking losses such as my self from the market that they will be forced to act.And for BUSH, hes an egoed out prick in my eyes that doesn't deserve his job.At least when we had bill c. for prez. the economy was good.

    • you blame the government for your foolish move of buying a semiconductor stock at a sky high PE? Boy, you deserve to be wiped out financially.

    • I see. Bush and the gov't FORCED you to buy this POS at $48.

      Time to grow up and take responsibility for your own stupidity.


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