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  • platotheinvestor platotheinvestor Sep 20, 2002 2:58 PM Flag

    I Have Lost Everything

    My broker told me to buy in to INTC...I listened and got in at 28...averaged down at 18...17...I have lost entire savings...what am i going to do...i hate life...thanks Intel, really...thanks from Frank...

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    • I feel so sorry for you. Several friends of mine have lost 60% to 90% of their money in stock market and they have completely left stock market. They are very angry with corrupt Wall Street though thet know that it was their decision to buy stocks after all. One of them is a Ph.D. and he lost 90% of his hard earned money in stocks like CMGI, VRSN, INTC, etc. He sold INTEL two days ago and he really likes to see INTC go bankrupt (I know it is too much). Wall Street underestimates how angry individual investors are about them. Even in August Stocks went up nicely, the money flow was negative! What does it mean? It is now different. Individual investors do not buy any (bear trap) rally any more. Market will collapse and the CASINO INDEX will be at 545 sooner or later.

    • "My broker told me to buy in to INTC...I listened and got in at 28...averaged down at 18...17...I have lost entire savings...what am i going to do...i hate life...thanks Intel, really...thanks from Frank... "

      The stock is way down, but I don't understand the "I have lost everything". It doesn't make sense unless the writer above bought on margin and has indeed been wiped out.

      A suprising number of investors have been wiped out that way. They must have understood that leverage upwards meant leverage downwards. Since the market is so volatile in the short term, margin converts investment into short term gambling - it's really rolling the dice. Judgements of the soundness of a company and its likely future don't matter day to day. IMHO, margin buying at brokers should not be possible as there are too many casualties.

      If the above writer did bite the dust from margin buying, there's no help for it but to start saving over again. It's a hard path. As far as Intel goes, it will be around quite a while but it's hard to see where the growth to justify its P/E might come from even assuming more 'normal' economic times. It is still a company that's quite good at making devices and is a ruthless marketer. The existence of AMD is probably the only thing that keeps the SEC away from its door. Its real weakness remains problems in computer architecture and design. Two of its better architectures are the new XScale (from ARM and DEC), and the Alpha (from DEC) though that is apparently to be buried. One plus for Intel is that it's not talking about moving its semiconductor IP, engineering, and fabs to mainland China over time as a troubled Motorola is (AFAIK from their PR).

    • If you indeed started buying at 28 then you are only down 50% and still own the stock. There are many many who have bought into tech on the way down over the last 2 years who are down 80% or more. Most aggressive mutual funds are down the same or more.
      Hold the stock or sell it, calm down. Long term it will be OK or a good profit, or the world will go to shit and it won't matter anyway what you own or not.
      Intc, sunw, glw- all survivors that will do well long term if the world survives and continues to advance. Less downside risk than bonds at this point, in my opinion.
      Brokers and analysts have cost me a fortune. They are theives in suits. Ignore them at all costs.

    • Before selecting a stock one should have considered the long term value of a company. Stopping out on a company like Intc or Csco at these levels could prove to be unwise.

    • Wait till about next April, things will be better by then. You never heard about not putting all your eggs in one basket? Well, this is why. (although in this market it doesnt seem to matter how many baskets you have) Also keep in mind the best time to buy is when everyone is jumping ship. You buy it when nobody wants it, sell it when everyone wants it.

    • VectorVest says Intel is worth $9.41 per share.

    • That's a story that is pretty common to many investors, especially the newer investors (like myself).

      The old school investors (like my Dad) were taught to invest in companies with solid PE's. In the late 90's, we were led to believe that the PE rules could be relaxed, since future growth would bring them down.

      Well, that didn't happen, and the boom is a bust. I think this whole thing is one of the biggest criminal events ever. Forget 911, this is immense, and we are not going to grow out of it in the near term. If we are lucky, it is merely a double dip recession, if not, it may be another 1929 depression.

      Personally, I like some gold in my portfolio and funds that short the market, as an insurance policy in case all hell breaks looose.

    • I've lost 27K 2 yrs ago (Yes, I'm was 23 yo punk ass) in one year and have made money (annually) ever since and made up my losses.

      My point being, I've learned a lot since then. I may sound like a gloom and doom kind of guy on the message boards but I'm just playing around mostly with the hypsters such as sonor or andym. The truth of it is, I've always told people to use stops no matter which direction of the market they go and it's never too late to give up a losing position. Everytime I make a call on this board, I tell people to put a .30 to .50 stop from entry point.

      What this guy should do now is put a stop loss at 14.50 or close his position in Intel and buy back intel when there's a clear trend that it's going up. In the meantime, he should have his money in bonds or CDs. 5% may sound measly but it's better than a -10%.

      I'm not predicting the market based on nothing, I'm predicting the market based on the current economic situation, INTC's earnings and growth and the trend of the market.

    • Time to start selling your punk ass on the street in san francisco

    • Bend over )0( k-y-jelly time .you must have shit for brains....

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