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  • the_bulls_bull the_bulls_bull Sep 21, 2002 1:39 PM Flag

    I cut my spending back to almost $0

    I'm not buying unless it is absolutely necessary.

    Lunches, Parking, Drinks or soda at dinner. Water with lemon now.

    I make over 90,000 a year too!

    I just hate to see my savings 401 K etc go down so much so am trying to make it up elsewhere.

    Eventually, even after market corrects, I will continue to economize in order to make up lost ground.

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    • If you're in it for the long term,INTC reaching 30 is a sure bet.I am not in the investing game but you should not be a investor if you can't understand the markets or patience to hang on for a period of time.The US economy is not going to the dogs.It is recovering but at a slow pace.If your a smart trader you will notice the market is neither going down nor going up.It is moving sideways.(I love the sideways markets) We saw the July lows , only to see the DOW hit 9000 again.Again it is touching lows again to touch the highs agains.And when the sideways market is done and a good base is formed,see the market to the upside.
      Mr Rat though you are shouting at the top of your voice that INTC will go down further, you're still not personally convinced are you.Because you covered your position at 15.05.
      And I could not help laughing when I saw your advice on trailing stops.Not that it should not be done but it looked like you just got out of trading school.

    • do not buy down again.You will know when its time.This stock may not bottom until years end w/ taxloss selling that will be intels next be item that will keep the price of this stock down.

    • << Soon I will be peckerhead!!! >>


      Oh my!

    • I'm neither a short or a basher. I have nothing against Intel and, in fact, think it is one of the best semi companies in the world.

      But the fact is the macro trend of the market is down and this is not a defensive stock to have in a bear market.

      it may have an up day here and there but it will likely go much lower.

    • Shorts are like sports team bashers. Easy to kick a team when it's having a bad season or two but you'll never hear from them when the team is winning. Same thing with stocks.

      Also easy to bash when you have nothing to lose and that's shorts in general.

    • You say it doesn't matter if there's growth. You must be kidding. And you say that instiutions aren't selling. Well, you may be right, but then that would partially explain why a lot of people's retirement accounts are not what they were.

      This whole market is going a lot lower.

      The tech sector is not going to lead the next bull market, which is likely years away...

    • I'm not saying it can't go lower than 14.84. It could if the economy never picks up again but I'm betting the earings will get better over the next year that's all. If that happens the stock will be back up to 30.

      The oly reason the stock has come back down from 19 + recently, take a look at the overall market. Restesting the lows. It's a game. The big boys want the cheapest prices possible when the economy turns.

    • Soon I will be peckerhead!!!

    • Do you honestly feel that $14.84 price is the bottom? the it is up from here? If that's true, does that mean you're adding position to it? Seriously, you're believing the lies you're telling yourself. There's plenty more downside from here when earnings are announced.

      Again, how much shares do you have and at what price are you averaged in?

    • Ebay over a hundred P/E.

      Doesn't matter if there is growth.

      Institutions aren't selling nor are the Intel longs at this point. That means stock goes up from here.

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