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  • stoptheinsanity2000 stoptheinsanity2000 Sep 30, 2002 11:59 AM Flag

    Bush Is Not Going To Recover FromThis!

    The losses in the stock market since Bush became president are astounding! Whether the market was already in a downturn or not is incidental, Bushs' administration has not been able to "Turn the tide". Faced with their first test, THEY HAVE FAILED!!!. The previous administration was faced with many economic hurdles, such as the Asian crisis in 97', the inherited recession in 93', war in Bosnia, Attacks on Iraq, and numerous terrorist incidents around the world and in the USA, i.e) WTC bombing in 93', Oklahoma bombing, and still managed to keep the economy on an even keel. BUSH IS NO MORE IN 2004!!!!!

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    • Glad to here you're prospering thru trading.................My whining has a purpose.....I'm trying to get answers....You just gave a little bit of one.....That's more than I can say for 99% of all the posts on Yahoo boards.

    • round_up_the_muslim_fanatics round_up_the_muslim_fanatics Sep 30, 2002 12:49 PM Flag

      You miserable fucking moron.

      The bathroom sink ejaculator Klinton inherited a RECOVERING economy in 1993....GDP was GROWING the prior 2 quarters when revised.

      And, the biggest failure to our country and it's people was the UTTER FAILURE of Klinton to respond to multiple terrorist attacks on his watch and, shockingly, to DECLINE the arrest and handover of Bin Laden when the Sudanese govt had him captured.

      You worthless liberals are truly a shitstain on the American landscape.

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      • Under his watch:

        1) The US economy has continually deteriorated
        2) TRILLIONS have been lost in US markets.
        3) The financial district in NYC has been severely destroyed.

        All on his watch.....Like it or not, THOSE ARE THE FACTS!!!.................So how are you prospering in the "New Bush Economy", other than shorting tech stocks?????????????

      • I think it is you who is the moron....truth is we went into a recession under Bush, Sr. which is what Clinton inherited.

        As for declining to prosecute the GOP that much better?...what did Reagan do in 1983 after 241 marines were killed in Beirut? (nothing)...what did Reagan do after the Achille Lauro (nothing)...Reagan did attack Ghadafi but failed to kill him--all Ghadafi did 2 years later in 1988 was kill all 259 passengers aboard the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scottland....did Bush Sr finish off Saddam?..NO. Looks as though you guys are not that much better off than Democrats in protecting us...BTW where is Osama "Wanted, dead or Alive" bin Laden--you know the guy the Bush Sr. led CIA helped create and financed, along with Saddam.

    • I couldn't agree more. Why is it that everytime we have repub presidents we go into an economic crisis? Hoover, Eisenhower, Raygun, Bush, and now shrubbie. I mean they're all crooks with the possible exception of Nader, but the repubs certainly are the worst and certainly serve the little guys least. Hell, shrubbie's whole upper mismanagement team is comprised of oil thieves. Keep on votin' 'em in, idiots.

    • Bush hasn't even been in office for 2 years yet and you are writing him off? Geez, I am glad you aren't a client of mine in the market. I would jettison you because i wouldn't want to be hounding by you everyday on whether your stocks are up or down for the day.

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      • Bush has been in office for a year and 3/4's (not 6 weeks or 6 months)...furthermore, the market looks ahead 6-9 months and does not like what it sees. It also has very little--if any--confidence in the economic team he selected (look for O'Neill or Summers to replaced after the November elections) and there has been a massive withdrawal of foreign investment from this economy. I'm afraid we're looking at a remake of "it's the economy, stupid".

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