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  • zigqy_thefiggy zigqy_thefiggy Aug 11, 2003 1:18 PM Flag

    PC business is dead!Face it or lose big


    The fact that there are no compelling reasons to upgrade due to lack of killer applications, PCs are regarded as commodity and the fast price decline demonstrate the trend. To post on this boards, a 200MHz Pentium Pro (something that is 6 years old) is used.

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    • This is the most childish statement I have seen in a long time. I work in the business and let me assure you PC business is growing and growing very fast. Just as software has new application so does PC have new uses like remote devices and platforming. You seem to be living in a dream world and your concept of a PC is a box being using by kids to surf the internet. Through PCs we predict weather patterns on a multiple level and things like atmospheric pressure and variations. You are talking about billions of dollars involved in outer space research and the establishment of remote sensors all accessed via a PC. So don't talk like a nutty mis-informed guy. Thanks

    • It seems to me that all things wear out, even pc's. Also in a lot of industries, new software requirements require systems to be kept up to date in order to process the new software updates. Our business replaces every PC after three years of service. This keeps us up to date and functioning at top levels.

      Yes, things are much cheaper. As with everything electronic, they become cheaper with time. Anything new, such as phones with ability to take digital pictures will be cheaper next year. And every time some new device is invented, more chips etc. will be required to produce and make the item function.

      If I am missing somehting in this picture please let me know. Some of the nations that trail the advanced nations have yet to upgrade or acquire the PC's for their functions. The world will continue to acquire PC's.


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