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  • tyang19 tyang19 Aug 28, 2003 12:30 PM Flag

    Intel CEO Sucks!

    Such a big company CEO should not make irresponsible or meaningless comments if he is unsure of something. First upped qtr revenue projection last week, and made the market rally, and then quickly retracted and said not sure business has really picked up, could be just a transient event, which immediately depressed the market. If qtr revenue increase is not a phenomenon, then don't make it a news. today he said that he is worried that SARS may come back in China in October and hurt asian business again, this again caused a sell-off in the morning. He is not an expert on SARS, and this is absurd because SARS may never come back again. As a virologist, what I can say is that SARS did not happen for thousands of years, and last outbreak may be pure accidental spread into human from nature.

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    • Exactly!......I echo that!

    • I totally agree with you I don't think Craig should be announcing over and over that he doesn't see a return to spending for consumers especially since the CFO already came out and said so a few days earlier. I'm afraid that he might stay longer then he should. I'm afraid that Andy Grove wont be with Intel much longer and I'm afraid that Craig would be given his job.

    • Intel's ceo said from square one that he didn't know what had caused a spike in revenues and even explained that it could be an anomaly.
      Then the press twisted it into an endorsement of improving IT spending, so Barrett had to come back and correct the press which the press then interprated as a retraction of an improving IT environment scenario.
      In reality, the press screwed up the whole thing by assumption and fabrication.

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