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  • stockmeister999 stockmeister999 Dec 29, 1997 6:28 PM Flag

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    50 is definitly not out of the question. I sold my 50000 shares today. I bought at 64�...I have made my money back plus a little more. This company is becoming out-dated....and FAST. I won't be surprised when it goes to 50 and lower in this coming year.

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    • If this stock goes down to fifty, this won't be the only stock in trouble. You are talking about a magnamious drop in all
      tech stocks, 6000 and below in the stock market, panic in the streets, and many fund managers left begging at major intersections
      near you!!!! Intel is on building #7 and my high up friend (as in 'in my wedding') tells me they have already filled it and are
      making plans for #8 as #7 is being completed. I loaded up at 69.625 and I am not looking back! Why did you wait until it was 70+ to
      sell anyways? It was close to 90 a month ago. You left 1 mil on the table!

    • all i can get from your message after getting somewhere around 35m in proceeds(assuming it is true) is that you want as many investors to dump their sharesso that the price goes down which will provide opportunity for you to buy. Why bother manwith this board otherwise. It is the end of the year!!!take couple of millions and go to hawai and relax!!!!

    • You are nuts!

    • Stockmeister, it appears that you made a bundle by selling your 50000 shares of Intel on Dec. 29. Congratulations! However,
      I don't believe that Intel is "becoming outdated". With their exceptionally strong R and D divisions, healthy balance sheet,
      forward looking executives, new fabs in the works and the ability to stay several steps ahead of aggresive competition in product
      development, "outdated" is among the last of the descriptive terms that comes to my mind when I think of Intel. Why do you think it is,
      as you put it, "becoming outdated...and fast"?

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