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  • mikebert mikebert Apr 19, 1998 9:49 AM Flag

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    I'm continually amazed by the short memories of INTC posters here. Intel's EPS of the past four quarters is $3.50. One year ago Intel also had EPS of $3.50 for the four trailing quarters. Not only that, but the earnings trend for INTC was still strongly upward one year ago. It sure as hell is not now!

    It seem obvious to me that Intel had stronger fundamentals a year ago than it does right now. Does anyone disagree with this? Despite these stronger fundamentals, INTC did fall to 64 last spring. If it could do that then, why can't it do the same thing now? What magical factor do people think is present today (but not a year ago) that will prevent INTC from falling into the low 60's?

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    • do you disagree with that as an important influence or havent you read my posts on the technical factors. This is not
      weather that someone goes out and takes the temperature. If there are "stupid" people who are buying all the stock in the world from
      75 to 70 you tell me how it can get to 60. And if you keep repeating the same stupid nonsense about fundamentals i shant meet
      you at damons. Dont you think they know your fundamentals. So why are they buying now. You figure it out. I cant . They must be
      foolish. Maybe they are trying to establish tax losses. Now there is an idea. They want to lose money.

    • Money moving from PU to INTC?

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