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  • nigerian_bros_trading nigerian_bros_trading Jan 25, 2006 1:22 PM Flag

    My brothers and I are wondering

    what has become of all the penny ante 'operators' who bought Intel shares when Mr. Cramer told them to? We suppose they were looking for quick riches, just like the lemmings who bought GOOG at $465 for the ride to $400 on Mr. Cramer's advice.

    It seems those who were infecting this forum with their Mr. Cramer's nonsense are now long term 'investors'. As such, they are no longer so vociferous.

    We're sorry for sounding like we suffer from schadenfreude, but following Mr. Cramer's advice is no way to trade. You would be better off just mailing us a check as we'll end up with your money anyway. If you're hell bent on losing your money, why not at least do it efficiently?

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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    • I was just wondering why you waited till the stock turned negative to post. You and your alter ego are full of shit. You do suffer from schadenfreude. A German word that describes the feeling that some people harbor when it is not enough that they do well but others suffer. Thats what I posted a few days ago about all these obsessed wanna be shorts. Is that where you got the word? You and whoever need to see a shrink.

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      • Thank you for your kind words Mr. Herb Al Dude. My brothers and I respectfully suggest that you refer to our postings of the other day in which we tried (in vein apparently) to prevent you and your ilk from losing your shirts. But no, you know better. Every penny down was 'THE BOTTOM'.

        But since you did insist on losing your shirt, please accept a complimentary T-Shirt from our company. Yours will be imprinted appropriately with the text of Mr. Cramer's March 2000 speech "The Winners of the New World".

        THanks for your cooperation.

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