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  • den_airco den_airco Aug 4, 2006 6:25 PM Flag

    blotter_blades long TXN at $75!

    Pfizero, welcome to the yahoo message boards.
    Warning: there are a few idiots around :-/

    There are a few people who keep posting messages such as the one you're probably replying to. Yahoo allows you to put these guys on your ignore list so you don't see their messages. It takes a few days before you have all of them, but then it really starts paying off. I don't even see any messages in this thread except for yours.

    About the company: I think the stock got beaten down too harshly over the past year, I find a price target of ~25$ to be more realistic then what it's currently at; however, for the price to grow back to that level, it needs some good news to grow on, and currently Otellini is not (yet?) delivering. If the Q3 results in October show great improvement, good times are coming - otherwise, be patient.

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    • Finally someone with something relevant to say. I guess the real question is not if we will see $25 but when. Seems to me the new processors will have to gain traction for that to happen. What I find surprising about the current situation is that Intel Corp just released new products that are at least somewhat better than the competition but still Dell said they would expand there AMD relationship. Is this some kind of smoke screen that will clear once the new Intel chips are available in quantity?

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      • I don't believe the Dell deal has anything to do with performance, it's got everything to do with price. I don't think Dell is looking for the fastest chips, they're just looking for the best deal. What probably happened is that Dell asked Intel for a bigger discount, Intel refused (preferring margin over volume), AMD didn't (preferring volume over margin, since they need the volume more then Intel does). So AMD won the deal; big deal.

        Competitive pricing is driving the profit margins of both giants down, but I believe AMD is currently spending a lot more money building up its marketshare then Intel is spending to keep it. Therefore, I expect Q3 results from Intel to be far better then AMD's... But of course, that's just my opinion.

      • lol I guess the real question is not if we will see $25 but when. lol

        what a pipe dream

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