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  • royphil345 royphil345 Mar 5, 2007 9:42 AM Flag


    Was Vista a flop?... or did Microsoft desire a small test group of users to start?

    Looks like it's just beginning to be marketed now. And where you see a vista commercial... You'll see an Intel commercial as well...

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    • Just remember WOW...

      AMD is toast, just as the serious marketing for Vista begins along with a new campaign by Intel. Old friends...

      Much money has been spent studying the effectiveness of marketing. You can be assured. It is effective.

      Just remember... WOW

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      • "Much money has been spent studying the effectiveness of marketing. You can be assured. It is effective."

        So every single marketing campaign is successful? Is that how it works? Or is it possible that some marketing campaigns fail? If so, do you think it's possible that a marketing campaign to get people interested in buying a new computer when they already have at least one that works fine and they are facing problems paying their bills has the potential to flop?

        Your confidence is inspiring, but it seems to be having precious little effect towards reversing the short term trend in INTC. WOW! What a shock.

    • "In general I don't discuss the specifics of my positions. Why should I?"

      Because when you don't... and your posts are all about claiming to be making money while many are losing it... It makes you appear to be slightly full of crap.

    • Of course he is full of crap. Bragging about how he's taking someone's money.. Oh please. That's easy to say.. Keep this thread in your favorites, and we'll see if you brag how you could have made money off of Vista's success.

    • Actually, I've been pretty forthcoming about being short the market. I have no direct position in INTC at the moment, but being short the major averages means I am indirectly short INTC.

      The insiders at INTC are still unloading by the way. Take a look at the Jan/Feb sales by them. They have superior information, and they don't believe, so why should I?

      In general I don't discuss the specifics of my positions. Why should I? There is no advantage in doing so IMO. I am in the market to make money. If you have some other agenda, you're confused as to what this is about.

    • I could have just as easily listened to you, panicked, and sold at the bottom...

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      • "I could have just as easily listened to you, panicked, and sold at the bottom..."

        To begin with, I do not recommend selling when others are panicking, but more to the point, I would recommend against making your decisions based on what you read here one way or the other. I would also not recommend making those decisions based on what you hear on TV. I am only suggesting that you take advantage of the volatility to improve your position. If you can't do that, then I guess you are admitting to having no way to judge what is likely to happen next. If that be the case, you might as well go do something else.

        But if you're going to sit here, why not do something that stands a chance of helping you? Surely your posts about WOW are not going to influence the price of INTC one way or the other. Unless you have billions to work with, you are just like me and everyone else on this board - you're a price taker not a price maker. Once you realize that you could conceivably make money by reacting according to the prices being given rather than the ones appearing in your fantasies.

        I'm here because I have positions to watch and adjust as needed. If you're really confident about your upside target, why not put in a GTC limit order and walk away?

        Or jerk off to the Aero interface and say WOW!

      • For the record I don't own Intel, but I'm doing my reasearch like any other investor. I really have no idea how we got into a Vista argument on here lol. To me Vista shouldn't be weighed heavily on how well Intel will do or not do.

    • Easy to talk when you never disclose any of your positions...

      Make much shorting Intel today?

      You sound full of crap...

    • "Sorry to offend you"

      You didn't offend me. I never take offense when I'm taking someone's money.

    • "I'm about a dollar down. I'm confident I'll get it back. I'm not messing around... I want it ALL back!!!"

      But why just sit there and wait? If you're so confident of a dollar up from here, then you should have been buying hand over fist in premarket and selling into the first bounce. Then you wouldn't even need a dollar to get even or make money.

      Surely you're not tapped out are you? If so, then your "confidence" is a disguise for something else.

    • "I said before people will conform to Vista."

      I already agreed with that. Yes, people will be forced to "conform" to Vista, but that doesn't mean it isn't a dud.

      There is now only ONE application that is essential to my business that runs exclusively on Windows, so I will be running some Windows machines until there is an alternative to that. However, I am already starting the conversion from Windows to Linux on all other machines.

      So you're an "IT professional." Big fucking deal. I retired from the software business a long time ago when I was still a kid and now make my living taking money from numbnuts like you who think they know something about the business because they can crawl under a desk and plug in an ethernet cable.

      I wish you well with your "investments".

      Being an IT professional is a big deal when a moron like you is debating with me on the validity of an O/S. No I am not a stock guru and I wasn't saying I was. All I am saying is you are quick to judge yet you no nothing about Vista only what you hear. Sorry to offend you since you know so much about "The Business" Maybe you know a lot about business in general but there's more to a business then just knowing the numbers.

    • I hear the same thing, but who needs Windows 3.1 ... It was only an incremental upgrade to MSDOS..

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