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  • dummydumbisdumb dummydumbisdumb Oct 5, 2007 12:49 PM Flag

    'They' Seem to Have INTC Pinned @ 25.60


    Who are "they?"
    Do "they" really exist?
    Are "they" the Easter Bunny, Sasquatch, and the Tooth Fairy or are "they" some secret entity like the PPT?
    Whatever the case, it is interesting that a stock that trades millions of shares per hour is barely able to move up or down more than 2-3 cents.
    If INTC earns $2.00 in '09 will the shares still trade @ $25.60.
    Historicaly speaking, a pe of 12 is not unusual for this stock.
    On the other hand, a pe of 20 puts INTC at $40.00 in '09.
    Time will tell.
    I'll hold my shares into '09.
    By '09 TexanJacKass99 will be wildly pumping out bullshit on some other message board

    This topic is deleted.
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