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  • jst_rime jst_rime Oct 23, 2007 12:54 PM Flag

    I call today a 'weak hands' day

    Intel had a great quarter and is forcasting better returns.
    The global economy is solid; U.S. economy will rebound.
    Stop worrying about intels' day-to-day fluctuations; go read a book or....

    Squeamish traders get scared and sell.
    Intel has been and will continue to march higher.
    Mind your patience people, or, don't you have any?
    Pay for a stock and hold onto it for once in your short lives. Geez!
    Let the buybacks and MM's do the work for you.
    Even the devalued dollar will assist in moving the share price higher.

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    • Weak hands??? Don't make me laugh!!! More like weak minds, found here on this board. Intel has 5.8 billion shares outstanding. It's not like some "weak hands" can move this stock either way. It's all about institutional buying and selling. Let's face it! None of you desperados are going to influence this stock one way or another, no matter how many times you post your pathetic strong buy ratings!

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