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  • wscitgo wscitgo Oct 7, 2008 11:06 AM Flag


    Dude, you have a right to be depressed. I have long argued that American's are financially and economically illiterate. Most people will believe whatever they hear, and vote not based on facts, rather, emotion. The candidate that is best able to convince these lemmings wins, but I am with you, even I underestimated just how ignorant the population at large really is.

    Try to look at it positively though---if Obama wins, it will provide the greatest opportunity for wealth building ANY generation has ever known. All you have to do is SHORT the market as a whole, and buy long government programs. While I don’t claim this will be easy, there is no doubt going to be opportunities to go long social programs when the populace starts buying, and then SHORT THE DOG doodoo out of them as America goes to $0 and bankrupt.

    If Obama is elected, this will make the mistakes of his predecessors (Barney Frank, Frank Schumer---the architects of this mortgage meltdown) look like child’s play.

    So my friend, do like the Democrats do----just look out for yourself and find ways to profit on the downside….America is proving that it wants to be a socialist country and there is not a @#$@ think we can do about. While the idiots blame Bush for all of this (for the record, I hate Bush), the fact is Bush had nothing to do with this meltdown (that is getting Obama elected because people are ignorant and gullible). The fact is, this meltdown was a confluence of events whose stage was set during the 1990’s by government social programs (Clinton, Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, et al). While Republicans share some of the blame, they did try to rein this mess in 2005, but the Democrats blocked them. Ignorant fools can lament all they want that this is Bush’s fault, but they just goes to prove that we as a society are really screwed. When the population at large is that ignorant, it tells you that major social change is taking place----the ignorant are seizing control from the intelligent.

    Look, my friend, for shorting opportunities because you cannot get any more of a guarantee that this nation is in decline than the facts you posted in your message----it doesn’t get any clearer than that. If, on the other hand, America comes to its senses between now and election day, well, perhaps people are not as stupid as I think ….well, they are financially illiterate. If, on the other hand, as you and I both suspect, Obama is elected, let us just hope that everything collapses and enough people finally realize that the socialism charge that has seized this country since the 1990’s is destroying it.

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    • I'm confused. The Republicans have been in control for eight years. Well, to be fair, they had the house, senate, judiciary and presidency for six.

      What did they do with this precious opportunity? Started two wars, one of which is pointless. Got 4500 or so GI's killed.

      Increased the size of government by 60%.

      Increased spending by untold trillions.

      Did nothing about abortion.

      Lied to the UN and the coalition and alienated just about every country in the world.

      Let the economy go to hell in a handbasket.

      And you want people to vote Republican again? That, to me, is pure ignorance.

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