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  • maguro_01 maguro_01 Jan 28, 2009 10:23 PM Flag

    Barrett: Intel Will Prevail

    " "The only three levers a government can ever pull are education, investing in research and development and ideas and the right tax policy ... to allow companies to start and grow," he said."

    This sounds strange coming from an Intel exec and would from Gates and others too.

    A US citizen or Green Card holder are not well advised to get into most engineering in the US, nor increasingly much of science either. The reason is the work visa programs - H1-B, L-1, etc. The companies misrepresent them and are moving tech wholesale offshore.

    The US is the only presently developed country that has turned over skilled immigration to corporations to administer and govern through lobbyists. A prospective worker gets an H1-B through a company and then a Green Card years later through a company, usually the same one. In between the worker is indentured and usually low-balled. If they applied to Immigration themselves, they would just be in the job market like anyone else. A citizen or GC holder cannot compete with indenture - not even by working for less. The program is now used to export tech development altogether. It has been a privilege to brain-drain the world, but the numbers became so high (and usually average workers) that a US citizen or GC holder has trouble getting jobs or having any sort of career path. The more US students that understandably bail from tech, the more the companies claim that US students are dummies and we need more work visas, causing more students to bail especially the best ones. The best US universities are claiming to reject more qualified students than ever, but companies are using the presence of "underclass" students in the system to libel them all.

    The United States is actually undeveloping. By the way, the venture capital/IPO system in the US is really broken now. Whole industries and their infrastructure companies are still moving offshore. At this point even reducing US salaries and costs by half through inflation won't slow it down that much. The US is expending its capital and borrowing power having to bail out the corrupt Street and zombie banks. Brand Wall Street is so trashed it's probably not worth rebuilding the World Trade Center - and the terrorists didn't do it the brokers and bankers did.

    Barret is blowing smoke and knows it. Zoe Loftgren, Intel's Congressperson knows it too. Teach your kids to pick grapes. Failing that be sure they're fluent in Mandarin.

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