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  • smartinvester77 smartinvester77 Feb 12, 2009 2:51 PM Flag


    This guy is the worst president, he will make Carter look good.

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    • I agree Obominable is terrible but not even he can make carter look good.

    • "This ia a financial board stupid take your politics to the appropriate board"

      who put you in charge, shitstain?

    • your comprehension skills are limited
      or perhaps you've been distracted by a spat with your live in boyfriend.

      whatever you're problem, good luck!

    • Obama is a out to lunch.

      The U.S. stock market, the heartbeat of America, is collapsing and this guy is talking about green projects and sewers.
      He has about worn out the word "crisis" using it 26 times in a recent speech.
      Even Bill Clinton says "enough!"
      Clinton says that talking down the economy no longer has a purpose and that now it's time to give the people some hope.
      Even Roosevelt came forward and told Americans to not be in fear.
      His treasury Sect. is mia.
      I didn't like Paulson but at least he was visable and accessible.
      The banks are falling apart and there's no plan on the table.
      They must have a clue by now.
      Everytime someone from the administration speaks the mystery as to what they may or may not do deepens.
      CNBC was actually screaming for an answer yesterday afternoon and that, and a press release from Ken Lewis, prompted a feeble reply from the govt. yesterday afternoon regarding the banks.
      Obama doesn't get it.
      After BAC dropped below $3 yesterday, Ken Lewis issued a press release saying that the bank was not insolvent, that it is adequately capitalized, and that there was no need to nationalize a healthy bank.
      None of this would have been necessary if Geithner or Obama would address the bank issue publicly and provide some clarity. If they have no concrete plan yet, tell us. Even that would help, imo.
      Regardless of the nature of their plan, having public knowledge would at least remove some of the uncertainty.
      Doesn't Obama understand that there is major wealth destruction ocurring in the portfolios of the average Americans he claims to be most focused on helping?
      Most middle class people are directly financially aeffected by the stock market's ups and downs.
      Over one trillion dollars in S&P market cap has gone up in smoke during this "crisis," a good portion of which has occured on his watch. Wake up!
      Although I'd like to see Obama & co. succeed, right now he gets a d- grade from me.


    • LOL. Still can't admit Obama is a huge liar, eh..or explain his lies? Have to change the topic?

      SO TYPICAL!!

    • INTC stock is going down no matter what.

      Your frat boy Bush squandered three trillion in Eye-Rack and couldn't even find the lunatic wearing sandals.

      This debacle will be the fault of the pukes for another century. There is no way to church it up. You screwed the dog and won't own up to it.

    • DUH.

      If Obama screws up the economy with his socialism INTC stock goes down.

      Get it?

    • Give it a break!! He has only made ONE mistake so far. Telling the truth. After GW Bush nobody can understand this approach....

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      • Oh, yeah.

        Did he tell the truth when he said he'd take the same public funding as John McCain? HE LIED.

        Did he tell the truth when he said he wouldn't hire lobbyists? HE LIED.

        Did he tell the truth when he said Bill Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood when actually Bill Ayers hired him? HE LIED.

        Did he tell the truth when he said he'd be bi-partisan then didn't negotiate with Repubs on this disastrous stimulus, but said "I won". HE LIED.

        Obama has lied for years and he won't stop now.

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