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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jan 6, 2010 1:18 PM Flag

    Intel Vulnerable as Consumers Shift to Phones From PCs to Browse the Web

    It is a dog eat dog world out there.

    But of course Intel also has the upside potential of the new markets as well.

    Intel currently has almost 0 market share in phone chips.
    Nvidia and Arm like to talk big how they will attack Intel's CPU market but never mention that Intel is going to attack their markets.

    When you start with 0 market share in phone chips and GPUs, you can profit huge by simply taking 25% market share of the phone markets.
    Intel will attack and that is why the FTC is trying to stop Intel.

    If Intel were a worthless pussy in the phone market, The FTC would not be so upset.

    Intel will crush Nvidia and Arm in the next 4 years.

    Of course AMD loves it because they too want Arm and Nvidia crushed.

    Intel and AMD on the same side for now.

    • ltisteve Jan 6, 2010 2:20 PM Flag

      AMDMonkey was actually dead on. But there is one thing he left out. These ARM chips and even the Atom won't run the next generation of Flash. All of these people who have ARM CPU's and even current generation Atoms are going to wake up one day and find they cannot get onto Youtube. You're going to need I3 processors, or the next generation Atom processor and above for mobile computing in less than two years.

      The new ITablet can have the new Qualcom Snapdragon ARM 1ghz CPU or perhaps NVidia's new Tegra 2 processor which they will be showing off at CES next week. Impressive stuff for a phone. The problem with the tablet market it falls under the realm of the computer market, not the phone market. If Apple's approach to the tablet market is to compare the ITablet to the IPhone, it's going to underestimate their customer. My take on the market is that the typical consumer lets a lot of things go with their cell phone. Yes, they are slow, and the 3G coverage isn't great thus the internet is slow. As the size of the screen increases so will customer expectations. They will want a computer experience more than a cell phone experience. So, consumers will get excited about the ITablet but will be willing to step up to non-Apple brands that have more features and more processing power (such as an i3 processor) for a couple of hundred dollars more. Of course there will be ITablet competition for less money and more features. This isn't the cell phone market from three year ago that they are entering. They are entering a market they've never held more than a 10% market share.

      What the article failed to mention is that the ARM processors are a one trick pony. Where do you go from the Snapdragon 1Ghz ARM processor? Intel has 13 alternatives that pick up where the ARM processors leave off. What do they have right now? Not what they promise to have a year from now, what do they have right now? Nada!

      If it takes cheap ARM processors to jump start the nearly dead tablet market for Intel, so be it. Intel will win in the end, AMD will go along for ride and also succeed.

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