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  • ghettosuperstarjz ghettosuperstarjz Mar 4, 2010 9:59 AM Flag

    Can an intelligent person answer this question:

    What exactly is going on with INTC?

    Great earnings, numerous upgrades, growth,... and on top of that, spikes two days ago, and down 3%... down 3% from that.

    Can someone break it down and 'crystallize it' for me... 'cause I give up trying to understand it.

    Saying its just 'manipulation' doesn't help!! Why? How on such a widely traded stock?

    Per manipulation, I can see lowering the price a bit to take out 'stops', but then the logical thing to do would allow it to go back up. Then there is the keep price static and write calls and puts, collect the premium until expiration. May be... but can you keep it down for an extended period of time, in the face of all the positives?

    The alternative, of course, is that INTC is trading at a fair value in this market, and not as great as we longs think it is.

    Any answers????

    thanks in advance.

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