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  • hairybutt00 hairybutt00 Mar 25, 2010 11:01 AM Flag

    INTEL will NOT Break 23 anytime soon


    just too much headwind and resistance. Now if we can get enough of shorts to short this stock heavily, i mean to the T then you will have the hedge funds and other investors come in and run up the stock to cause a panic and get the shorts to cover and the panic will feed on itself until the game peters out and then either we stand or down we go with the shorts again nibbling at us. Thats the only way we can break 23. In this market at the present the technicals and fundamentals are out the window. The only thing driving this market is LIQUIDITY period. The fed has flooded the finiancial system with liquidity and its all pouring into the markets. Its a one way street. Real estate has bust its bubble and people are underwater as well as not many banks are loaning money. An asset bubble is being created in the mkt again claiming inflation is tame thats a bunch of BS. With price of metal on the rise even a 12 pack of soft drinks is $4 now which used to be $2-3 a few months ago. All this game is gonna come to an end when the liquidity will be pulled out of the market and i feel thats not gonna happen anytime soon cause you have elections coming up and the feds dare disturb the markets for now. So we will see the markets chug along until investors on their own wisdom stop and think and dont want a repeat of what happens when you get too greedy. goodluck

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