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  • acanova2001 acanova2001 May 22, 2010 9:31 AM Flag

    INTC's balance sheet looks so good

    Cash & Short Term Investments 16.2B
    Total Assets 55B and 42B in Equity
    Essentially no debt 2B in convert bonds o/s.
    Operating cash flow 12+b vs 3+ billion in dividend.
    I wonder if they would consider a special dividend?

    Otellini seemed pretty upbeat on the last conf call. Just hope they don't do some undisciplined takeover.

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    • I was looking at Value Line Intc analyst report. It looks like that after dividend Intc will have around $54 billion over 5 years to invest in their business. Value line is estimating that cap ex over this 5 year period is around $29 billion. So an additional $25 billion will available for dividend increase and or acqusition.

      The CEO of intel indicated that over 1 million computers are being sold per day worldwide and this should jump to 2 million perday in 4 years. So I would think that this gives Intel a significant growth opportunity.

      I think that Intel is at least $28 by the end of the year.

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      • I mean 28 sounds great but if we are going through this next 4-5 yr cycle, they can add 15B per year to equity even with paying out a div and doing their cap ex etc. That puts their book value at around 115B which is where the market cap is now. If this should trade at 3x book in good times, you have a $60 stock in about 5 years.

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