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  • tesoro2day tesoro2day Jan 3, 2011 3:01 PM Flag

    Sandy--Don't be fooled!

    Today's downgrades cause me to question the analysts more than ever! Sandy is out, along with some reviews, and the performance is nothing short of incredible! I don't think the analysts know the difference between a watt meter and a water meter--I suspect they just don't grasp the implications of the technology here. Intel looks like a steal to me. Do your own research because the market is acting irrational on this one folks!

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    • hey, guys new to the board, nice discussion, especially the other thread with the links. I'm not a geek so I've concentrated on fundamentals and what I hear on the conference calls.

      For the who cares about CPU crowd, don't forget the business market in huge and until tablets can do spreadsheets laptops will be very important

    • "and the performance is nothing short of incredible"

      Don't you mean uncredible ?

      200 sandy design wins for NVDA.. Prob about the same for AMD. If thats true, that leaves 100 systems with stand alone Sandy.

      AMD has 100 plus design wins against Atom alone. By Q2 end will go head to head with Sandy with Llano Fusion

      Ooops Sandy is a bust and the street knows it !

      The creditable question is when will INTC buy NVDA to compete with AMD design ? But at what cost now !! oh boy and you wonder why intc is down !

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      • Kev,
        One other point. A lot of the posts on these boards are just the posters opinions. Check this and my, Math doesn't add up thread for comments of reviewers. They are blown away--they just haven't ever seen anything like this before. Nothing close to it in performance and socket power.

      • Kev,
        It is pointless to discuss the two; we will have to wait until the Llano chips come out later this year. AMD may have them running in a hotel room this week, though, like they did with Zacate, but we will have to wait until a third party looks at them. Remember though, that gamers will still need GPUs with Llano and Sandy. Neither is a great gaming chip by itself. Sandy's performance is incredible, its performance in laptops appears revolutionary--nothing like it has every been seen. It outperforms the Phenom 920 quad core by 300-400% on many benchmarks, all while delivering 50% better battery life. WS just hasn't figured it out yet.

    • Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. The days of a faster, more verstaile CPU is out. This is the smart phone app revolution. Intel fell asleep at the wheel thinking that all it had to do was to beat AMD at its game. OK so you are way ahead of them and you got control of the CPU market. At the same time the Intel leadership totally got blindsided.

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