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  • marsavian marsavian Jan 23, 2011 10:13 AM Flag

    Nokia said to launch N9 running Intel Atom and MeeGo

    The real point is ARM has had no competition up to now in phones, the very lower power realm in which RISC has flourished, however that exclusive party is about to end and high performance x86 is about to make a rude introduction into the phone space. It will cause an earthquake as mobile users get used to comparing for performance rather than just fashion or software.

    ARM will still survive as the cheap low performance option but INTC's high profits and margins are coming to the phone space too now and in time will double Intel's revenue and margins. The ANALysts are $%^&*"! stupid and never see a trend before it it happens only when it is established. Mark my words this phone will hit like a big meteorite once phone users understand it will give them a performance advantage over ARM phones, hell it is faster than an iPad ! Then Atom will quickly establish itself as the high-end option for all major phone vendors including Apple in time.

    - mas

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