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  • marsavian marsavian Jan 23, 2011 12:44 AM Flag

    Tegra 2 vs Atom

    That's not true, it's not hard to compare at all and Atom is about 2-3 times as quick in Quake 3, SpecINT2000, loading web pages, javascript etc etc i.e. all the important performance benchmarks.

    "The first was a claim of over 100 fps running Quake 3. I saw this in person so I can confirm that you can actually run a timedemo of Quake 3 at above 100 fps on Moorestown. NVIDIA claims over 40 fps on the Tegra 2 at 720p with AA"

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    • but left out:

      "but it’s unclear how comparable these numbers are."

      lol,and this is from april 2010?

      when there will actually be a unit out(let's pray,lol)...

      I would like to see them compared,let's hope it's this year,tegra2 available in a sh1tload of devices already and you're getting your hopes up over one phone that btw was announced almost 3 years ago?

      some of you are as stupid as the amd fanbois

      nice reference!

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      • I am the ihub AMD forum moderator so I'm hardly an Intel fanboy but I know an overvalued mediocre crap company with no real future when I see it and that is Nvidia, a company so boring its fangirls have to come and troll AMD/Intel forums because their company is so boring and useless to talk about lol. Hey have Nvidia figured out how to build a gpu yet without it becoming unglued after 6 months lol. Nvidia is an unnecessary irrelevance in the world of computing and the sooner it goes bankrupt the better lol.

      • "you're getting your hopes up over one phone that btw was announced almost 3 years ago? some of you are as stupid as the amd fanbois"


        Saying that we are getting our hopes up over one phone is silly even for a hype and gripe Nvidia supporter like you.

        We are optimistic about a whole range of things, like 22 nm production coming this year, like huge Sandy Bridge sales, like ramping server sales, like major inroads into auto, medical and other industrial processor uses, like significantly improved graphics capabilities (thanks to access to Nvidia technology, LOL), like the future of optical processing, like exciting new and affordable SSD products.

        There is nothing in the stock price for tablets or smartphones yet major new revenues are on the way. They will just add to all of the other Intel excitement.

        One phone. LOL

    • Thanks for the clarification, real information and links as opposed to shred boy's absence of support...

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