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  • marsavian marsavian Feb 19, 2011 4:34 PM Flag

    Hey--Did that idiot from Nvidia talk to the Pres?

    Yep, you nailed the long term problems with Nvidia. OTOH if they keep ahead of the ARM clones in processors on a constant basis they may always be first in new models. Also combining their gpu with ARM may give them some differentiation to the other ARM clones and if they get the ARM clone close to x86 in performance may even take some mainstream business down the line like AMD with Bulldozer, Llano and Bobcat. However the path is very difficult and they are facing Intel, AMD and every other ARM clone in an arms race. I know daysofshred thinks it's in the bag but old veterans have seen many challenge Intel and fail losing their companies in the process. 20% chance of success I would say which are not good odds but you never know ... they just might surprise us all ;-).

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