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  • germantrader71 germantrader71 Mar 11, 2011 5:47 AM Flag

    UBS: AAPL taking over full chip design?

    That would have implications for many semis...
    AAPL might only use foundries then?


    Apple application processors - what are the
    􀂄 Our joint view
    In recent days, press reports (Commercial Times etc) have animated the debate on
    how Apple may change its strategy for application processors. Post channel
    checks, we are of the view that changes are non existent near term but could step
    up longer term.
    􀂄 Current generation (A5): no major changes
    Our checks confirm that Samsung LSI co-designed and currently manufactures
    (45nm) the Apple A5 processor used in the iPad 2, likely to continue for the iPhone
    5. However, Samsung LSI is potentially capacity-constrained if its own
    smartphone business continues to do well - hence also multi-sourcing on that side
    (Nvidia). This could lead Apple to introduce a second source - although we have
    no indications of this as of now.
    􀂄 Next generation: Some TSMC activity
    For 2012 devices, our checks indicate that TSMC has sampled for Apple. It is also
    possible that Apple/PA Semis takes on over time the full design, which makes the
    question of manufacturing separate. This could also correspond to the 28nm
    process juncture for High K metal gates - where full re-design is required to move
    from one process to another. Over time this makes TSMC’s involvement possible,
    keeping in mind design/process implementation lead times.

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