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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 May 6, 2011 7:19 AM Flag

    Do you newbies short and long here know the Intel story?

    I would imagine most of you do not.

    Intel in the 1990s was a fast and growing company but know foresaw what was going to happen with the coming of Microsoft and the PC. Intel of course exploded as a stock splitting many many times.

    It continues up to 77 something again after another split. Then the year 2000 came and the stock market crash occurred triggered by the 911 attack. Intel like an old ship bent over into the water but then tilted back up into the mid 30s before falling back down.

    The past decade was spent against AMD who was helllll bent on taking market share even while losing huge money in doing so. AMD was suicidal and destructive to both itself and Intel. One can only guess that the large bonuses that their (AMD)CEOs paid themselves based upon sales, not profits, were to blame for the stupidity of the price wars.

    But of course fighting Intel is a bad fight to get into. Like the German army going deep into Russia during winter, AMD soon bogged down and began to be destroyed. Intel engineered it's way out of the war with super chips and fantastic fabs. AMD had to sell its fabs and settle and drop its court cases for just chump change.

    Yet--the markets continued to trash Intel.
    Part 2

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    • Intel then came out with crushing great chips and sent AMD into huge net losses and losses of billions of dollars. AMD was forced to sell off its fabs. It fell far behind.

      Intel released the Centrino.
      it crushed AMD.

      Now Intel is years ahead of AMD on chip performance. It now is jumping onto Trigate chips which will reduce power sufficiently to allow Intel to take huge market share in phones and Tablets.

      Stock 40 by years end.

    • its going up that is all i care. as for as history goes. its in the past. we are heading up and forget the trash talk from the so called bashers. most paid

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