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  • eric67rt5 eric67rt5 May 24, 2011 12:00 PM Flag

    Question for GS haters

    When Goldman Sachs comes out with an INTC recommendation this board erupts with how GS is corrupt and evil and unethical and sleazy and on and on and on. The same thing would probably be the case if any investment bank came out with a negative report. I understand that thats fine.

    But why is it that those same people who slam Goldman are also the same people who likely scream "Socialism" or "Ant--business" whenever anyone attempts to rein GS or any of the investment banks in. Its a weird love hate relationship. People hate GS but they suddenly become ardent admirers whenever regulation of Wall Street becomes a topic of interest. Its like you can't decide what you people want:

    1) Unregulated Wall Street
    2) Regulated Wall Street

    Whats funny is that GS can put a sell on INTC and internally tell clients to buy. This is called "innovation" or "proprietary product" or "tailored financial instrument" in Wall Street parlance. Please don't bash GS when they play this game because many of you idiots don't want them to be controlled anyway. Anyone who tries to even remotely regulate Goldman is a "communist" and a "socialist". SO SHUT THE NUCK UP and eat the sandwich being served to you and sell INTC (because Goldman says so).

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    • You can say what you want but you are wrong in that all that hate GS dont want it regulated either. BS. I want corrupt Wall street to be f$W$ed to death by an honest, efficient, not corrupt, well run State (society , government whatever you want to call it). If this doesnt exist , create it with small steps that come very often! Its not socialism. Its running a scientific honest society not a mother***g society of corrupt aholes. Yes it is that imperative as the rage of these expletives suggests.

      The entire system is screwed up because analysts and MMs and trading houses and hedge funds and all the animals in the cage are mixed and interconnected and not all these connections are investigated and clean. Analysts ought to belong to completely independent firms that have absolutely no other role but to provide such judgment. Furthermore there must be a system in place where every analyst that consistently fails to provide historically correct suggestions is penalized by having a forced weight on his opinion that always comes ahead of any statement he makes; Ie analysts XYZ with rating 3/10 (miserable) says sell intel. Or analysts ABC with rating 8/10 says sell intel. Or buy it or whatever. Why the hell is it ok to have ethical issues held to high standards in medicine or academics or in various formal issues of law (conflicts of interest scrutinized enormously in trials and various litigations/representations etc) but suddenly the eyes are closed on something so precious as the stock market. Why is it precious? Because the way the modern failing capitalist system is so entangled today to perception and not real value , anything taken the wrong way in the markets (such as suggestions that oil will rally big ) or that good solid companies are cooking the books or their prices are unjustified etc , statements that are never costing anything if wrong to those irresponsibly making them , end up destroying significantly the economic recovery or causing recessions even when the system is sensitive . So producing the wrong perception in the market doesnt only impact the index and individual stocks but affects the entire economy even eventually. This way its easy for big players to help create with various deals vulnerabilities in the system, exploit their positions of knowledge of these issues and trigger gradually the large scale collapse of balances that ultimately destabilize a whole range of financial instruments they have already bet against or invested at depending on what their objective was in this corrupt scheme.

      This is why we need to have analysts independent of all trading and also held accountable for being wrong very often exactly like you would do with a bad teacher, doctor or professor or researcher.

      So all i say for GS and many like them is nail them to the wall and then spit on them too for all the nasty things they are doing under the massive arrogance that they own the system and its theirs to rape at will. Its not socialism, its JUSTICE. And i dont care if a corrupt system endorses intel by the way. If their suggestion is dirty i have a problem with that too. But given the impressive long term disregard for the value intel represents we are now at a point where i dont even care if someone suggests to buy intel and they are wrong or have the wrong motives because they want to sell higher. The injustice that has already been done on intel and shareholders over the past 3 years at least is monumental and unprecedented. Until regulation becomes extremely efficient and clean to properly check both directions start with the ones that maliciously are trying to destroy the economy. They are at the moment the most lethal force to society.

    • That was a reference to you so please feel free to have it your way.

    • YOu can't even get that right

      Da- Derp-Dee-Derp-Da-Teetley-Derpee-Derpee-Dumbby-Derpy-Doo

    • Lot of truth in what you said. Still, nobody wants to hear it.

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      • But its a bit sickening you have to admit.

        I cannot believe that whether an investor is "conservative" or "liberal" in their politics they would want to be screwed in a market that is skewed in favor of big banks.

        Yet time after time you find Republicans AND Democrats have had their pockets lined by IB money. As a result we have no one to blame but ourselves when we elect people who oppose regulation and rail against them as "anti-business". It is not anti-business to make sure that GS is not cheating and being duplicitous.

        Next time Obama proposes putting GS balls in a wringer I guarantee the same people who complained about the GS sell on INTC will be calling Obama names and accusing him of hating America.

      • Investigate the analysts. Regulate the hedge funds. Give the average investor a chance...

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