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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jun 3, 2011 2:06 PM Flag

    CNBC is run by idiots too.

    Funny you GOPtards think spending trillions to save Banks who stole from us all is ok but spending a few hundred dollars a year to feed a hungry child is terrible for you.

    Have any of you idiots ever traveled in the world?
    Have you been to third world nations where the poor are treated like slaves? Every house has a full gate around it because of the theft risk. Poor sit naked and begging on the streets at times. The rich roll down the road in their expensive 100,000 dollar cars. They then go home to use their maids as slaves.

    Those nations suck.

    Look at us with a straight face and tell us you think that the banks have not stolen from us all.
    Tell us you think the doctors and hospitals are not stealing from us all.
    Tell us the political system is not corrupt.
    Tell us the military system is not corrupt.

    tell us you think we will escape a complete British style post WW II economic collapse?

    If you do not see the housing crash and its continuation as a huge problem, you are indeed delusional. If you do not see the major banks all going out of business once they are forced to swallow the bad loans, and they will be forced to, then you are childish.

    This crash will continue even as multinational corporations make huge profits. Intel sells in other places and America means less and less to its bottom line.

    This place is screwed.
    if you do not see the corruption in your political parties, you must be on the same crappp that Rushdumbaugh was taking when he lost his ear drums. idiot

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