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  • theblueredmonk theblueredmonk Jul 15, 2011 3:24 AM Flag

    Get out of ARMH blog post

    There are new tablets featuring Intel Core i5 ULV processors coming in the next couple of months! I think Apple would do well to switch iPad to a Core ULV processor and run it with OSX Lion. That would shake things up a bit, and keep them ahead of the pack. Otherwise, with Android x86 port nearly complete, iPad will lose market share, big time.

    Fancy adding a pound or two in weight to the iPad (as well as a fan). That's what you would need to do to switch to the Core line.

    The Android x86 port...well, lets see when it arrives:)

    As a side, have a look at:

    Although the product is a none event for Intel or ARM in terms of revenue it highlights some of the issues with the Atom line. Dell clearly want to use Atom, but they can't because it runs to hot and is too expensive. As this device plugs into the mains, you would think that power draw is no issue, but when you dont need it fan, it reduces the BOM (Bill of Materials) and makes manufacture cheaper. There are also other pluses such as a smaller device and silent operation.

    I would certainly expect that the next generation Atom to run cool enough so that no fan is needed, but will Intel reduce it's margins to win sockets such as these?

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