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  • herbal_dude herbal_dude Aug 4, 2011 6:18 PM Flag

    Cramer's giving reassurance


    He says it's not going to be as bad as black monday 1987 or the crash in September 2008. I'd hate to see him go out on a limb. hahahahaha Don't know why I'm watching, entertainment I guess.

    Black Friday tomorrow?????????????????????????? I hope not. Went long INTC and many others today.

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    • You guys worry too much. INTL at these levels is a very conservative investment with a yield that will only go up.

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      • The good news is that if you bght INTC at 21.00, when it hit there on the last drop and didn't sell, so far you're still up, 20.85 plus .21, a whopping .06, the bad news, you could have sold for considerably more, and been up over 2.00.

        One could take your post 2 ways, INTC increases the dividend, or the stock price drop makes the yield go up.

        From a technical perspective, the SPY broke down and broke down hard, the best one could hope for short term would be an oversold bounce back to former support, way up there on the SPY at 1250, a mere 120 points or so off the May 2011 high, but far more than that from the October 2007 bubble peak when the DOW was over 14,000 and INTC was 27.00, down over 10 percent from the 04 rebound 30's peak.

        There is no such thing as safety in a dividend paying stock, and no such thing as a worthwhile long term investment in a semiconductor stock of any sort.

    • Has Cramer ever said what he does with his personal investments? I seems pretty transparent about what is in his "Charitable Fund" but I have never heard him say what he does with his personal accounts.

      I think it would be impossible to keep personal trades clean if he is also investing is personal accounts.

    • How nice of Cramer, he also noted yesterday that the economy could be headed to another recession.

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