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  • backbay_bstn backbay_bstn Aug 16, 2011 12:48 PM Flag

    Tablet demand just isnt there..

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    • This was just a small part of what Intel IR, Kevin Sellers had to say at company event on August 9. Here's the link. Very good stuff to listen to very carefully.

      *Transistor Technology: THE ultimate growth story for Intel.

      Intel launches high K metal gate.

      "If you map our financial performance from the day we brought high K metal gate till now, you'd get a pretty good sense why we are so excited about these types of breakthroughs."

      * It created differentiated products.
      * It gave us better pricing.
      * It increased our market share.
      * It helped us penetrate new markets.

      As investors can recall, Intel blew past estimates every quarter and guided much higher than expectations almost every single time for at least the past 2 years.
      This can easily be attributed to the fact that Intel has a nice 2 year lead in technology through the high K metal gate advancement.

      As Kevin from Intel IR said:
      "Now we have introduced trigate. We demonstrated working silicon using tri gate back in 2002. It took nearly 10 years to perfect it, and to make it high yielding and manufacturable in high volume."
      That's where Intel will have at least a 3 year lead against any competitor.
      Seeing what a 2 to 3 year lead did for Intel in earnings with the high K metal gate advancement, imagine what a 3 to 5 year lead will do for Intel with this new and amazing trigate advancement.
      This is huge!
      Go to Intel IR and listen to this and more for yourself. Makes it very clear why Intel stock is the best to own at this point. Intel will continue to be a double digit growth story for at least another 3 years. It deserves a much higher valuation than what it currently has.


      Another relevant article is here. Tegra2 chip is sold $20/each. Intel didn't want to chase for that type of margain. Let NVDA keep doing the losing money business. Leave AMD in x86 space to comete with them for the low margain business.

      What I feel actually NVDA should really add another option. The option to go with x86 chip.

    • Will the UltraBook have a touchscreen? along with a keypad?

    • ltisteve Aug 16, 2011 1:28 PM Flag

      There is nothing about the Ipad2 that suggests it's anything more than a fad. It's the 'Zip Drive' of our era. Some aspects such as touch UI will continue one, but for the most part the tablet market hasn't caught on. There may be a glimmer of hope with Windows 8, but I doubt it will help the non-Apple tablet market all that much.

      Ultrabooks are the next big thing.

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      • Im usually the first to buy new technology and the ipad/tablets do nothing for me, just a giant phone with a phone grade system inside, and i already have an android phone so I don't see anything but fad on the tablets.

        the ultrabook is where its at...but very dissapointed if it doesn't have a touchscreen, im shocked the mac air isn't touchscreen. guess they have a plan not to shoot their loads too early.

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