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  • will_amd_yu will_amd_yu Aug 23, 2011 11:38 AM Flag

    POS is down again in an up market. Mr Weaver

    is getting close to crapping his pants.

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    • If it Stinks like a TURD and it Sinks like a TURD, it's a TURD.

      Intel passes the test with flyong colors.

      • 1 Reply to jesse_james_blitch
      • You must be having a bad day, Lucy. Rubbing yourself in filth hardly helps your cause or improves your constant internal misery.

        Number 7 on the list of why Lucy sux:

        1.) Hates Intel.
        2.) Hates the American economy.
        3.) Hides behind multiple IDs like uckfay.ouyay, toofunny, Jimbo, Vinny et al.
        4.) Impersonates other users.
        5.) Angst ridden psychological issues.
        6.) Paid shill or ex-Intel(fired)employee.
        7.) Posts filth as the most disgusting persona on any message board: Jesse_James.
        8.) Repetitive, boring posting.
        9.) Knows nothing about technology.
        10.) Content-free posting.
        11.) Monkey jumping every time stock moves down.
        12.) Disappears every time the stock moves up.
        13.) Dead weight drag on the US economy.
        14.) Not funny, entertaining or informative.
        15.) Constant whining and complaining about his negatives.
        16.) Victim, persecution complex.
        17.) Constant, mindless predictions.
        18.) Makes stuff up.
        19.) Blows earnings calls.
        20.) Blows
        21.) Excessive use of repetitive CAPS.
        22.) Excessive use of small letters.
        23.) Attended a college so ignominious that its name must never be spoken out loud.

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