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  • alstanap alstanap Aug 29, 2011 7:37 AM Flag



    What we need at the moment is a guy like Augustus or Trajan.
    What we have at present is a Caligula or Nero.
    He truly has fiddled while the nation burned.
    I am fully congnizant of your tea bagging refernece, which really suits the present Emperor.
    Once again, a knowledge of domestic and geo politics, and history can be very useful in investing.
    For those of you think that Irene is why the market will rise today,than you truly have not learned form the masters like Buffett or Miller.
    Look at things like devaluation of the Swiss Franc, and Italy getting its financial house in order.

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    • Would you not agree that each step from tribal hunter-gatherer society to city state to a simple senatorial democracy to complex multi-cameral democracy with a complex jurisprudence .. that each such step is a step toward "socialisticism"?
      The burdens of government are progressively shared and delegated. Amongst rational men the debate hinges upon extent of controls relegated to government, but not on wholesale issue of dismantlement. Jefferson, the popular FF of the southern historians, was in every sense an extremist tea-bagger (he was also a chicken, riding back to Montecello at any threat of the redcoats in Philly). George Washington was initially such a slave owning "republican" (that's what Jeff's party was called) but after fighting an 8 year long war came to realize the essential need for a strong Federal government. GW flipped to Federalist an freed his slaves upon his death and distibuted his estate over 32 relatives. GW could have appointed himself "Imperator" but did not, keenly understanding the new system that Adams and Franklin had invented.
      This was the greatest founding who mupheld enlightened principles vs foisting a Napoleanic order upon the serfs.

      Democracy IS socialism by its very nature.

      I fully believe the system is fragile and may not survive this century..even a few more decades. When people who cannot find NJ on a map, who have no clue what causes the seasons, and who believe the hand of Santa Claus controls the outcome of every stupid thing they do, when such people are entrusted to vote, to continually renew the ingenious system of Adams and Franklin....we sir are doomed.

    • We have a history since QEI deforested our countryside and created famines for the next 500 years. My immigrant ancestors were "potato famine" Irish, got mixed up with Joe Kennedy, Bugs Moran and co. But we never endured what you Ashkenazy suffered under the Hun in the mid-20th century Europe. But now that the Tim McVeigh GOP has taken control I expect there could be similar ugliness in this country. Can you imagine a "President" Perry toting his gun around the oval office? well, Live by the sword ....
      animus dei.

    • aachen, or aix en chappelle, not aix-en-provence,

    • yes..this was for fun. glad you agree.
      I understand then that you are of King David's
      (or, King Herrod's) tribe, suffered under Pontius Pilatus, etc...
      I am actually Celtic (Irish)
      and proudly we claim (and often, after enough ale) to be one of the seven lost tribes.
      Of course, we'd still be heathen if Patrick Santus had not broud the written word as a captures Brit under Hengis to our people...thus
      enabling us to re-fertilze all of Europe after the Fall of Rome. Why, our little Irish settlements in such small burroughs by names of Paris, Bruxelle, Koln, Aix-en-Provence (Charlemagne's home town), etc, formed the kindling of the flame that ultimately became the Rennaissance, then Enlightenment, the age of modern democracy, and as you so astutley observe, the modern era of the insipid.

    • which barbarian tribe are you from?
      don't tell me the longer lived Greeks are
      doing better than Rome.
      In any case, Washington is the modern Rome.
      We can and will tax and bully (with our drones and boots on the ground) for the next century or so. Why, just think of
      President Rick Perry, if you want to think about Caligula, with his strap on... gun
      in the oval office. I'd prefer Bill Clinton with a cigar, or Obama with a speech, anytime over that kind of lunacy.

    • Non, erras, Claudius Caesari Imperator habent.

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