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  • theblueredmonk theblueredmonk Sep 2, 2011 4:13 PM Flag

    Apple’s $399 Plan to Win Consumer Market in Summer 2012

    Well, yes, Trust Zone is a plan. I wonder how well it rolls out in the real world. Nobody really cares too much about security until all hell brakes loose.

    Until an cyber attack makes front page news, this won't be a buying factor for most consumers. But, once it does happen, things can change right away.

    What would be the advantages to a 64bit ARM processor aside from addressing more memory than phones and tablets currently offer? It would mostly make sense for desktop and laptops with larger amounts of memory, but other than that, why the excitement?

    Trustzone has been out for years. It's likely in your smart phone (even if it's not been used by the OS).

    Other than addressing, very little advantage. If anything, there are a lot of disadvantages. Larger core, more power. Will run slower than a 32bit core (like for like basis [like all RISC cores]). Yet another ISA to support (likely more than one). etc etc.

    Yes, the 64 bit part would be for laptops, desktops and servers not for phones/tablets. As for the excitement - there is none. If Apple is serious in dumping Intel (in years to come) it needs 64 bit asap.

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