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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini Sep 8, 2011 7:51 AM Flag

    Finally! Something that makes sense was said on CNBC.

    Just heard Robert Kraft (New England Patriots Owner) speak on CNBC Sqwuak Box.
    They asked him what he would do to help the economy. He said that he just refinanced his home for 3%.
    He said that the banks should allow the hard working people of America who have been paying their mortgages on time to get the best rates of the market to put more disposable income in homeowners hands.
    One of the Sqwuak Box host said why not just walk away from the loan if you're underwater?
    Stupid question. But a great answer by Robert Kraft. He said that would turn into a huge financial collapse in America. There are over 30 million homeowners that are underwater on their loan. With the government just focusing on the few million that are under default, the housing crisis is clearly not being resolved. Because they are not focusing on the responsible homeowner and are not rewarding them for holding on to their homes. This Robert Kraft guy should run for president at this time because he is the only one who makes sense when it comes to helping the economy.
    Finally, something that makes clear sense CNBC. Hopefully, the president and congress listen to this guy.

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    • Samsung is lurking.

    • Paul, fat chance that this President would listen to a reasonable individual; he gets his marching orders from George Soros, Valerie Jarrett and a kitchen cabinet full of left wing wackos. The sooner people realize that his agenda is to deconstruct not improve this country they can respond in a more logical manner (vote all liberal Democrats out of office) ALL!!!

    • Yeah, subsidizing homeowners with low rates is the answer lol. Meanwhile, we burn the banks some more.

      The key to the housing mess is increased jobs, my friend. This can only be done by stoking the futures of small business that create 70% of the jobs in this country. More targeted government programs are not needed. If these clucks in gov't continue with the same ole, same ole, we're all f'd. This latest idea will end up on the trash heap like cash for clunkers, and the first time homeowner tax credit. Please stick with the INTL news -- which is your strong suit.

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      • This macro issue will help Intel since it puts more cash in pockets of deserving homeowners to buy more computers for entertainment. The jobs were lost mostly due to housing downturn and they will come back with normalcy in housing. This is not a handout. I'm just saying that those who have maintained good credit and can afford homeownership altogether, should be allowed to get the market rates in interest. That has always been the case in the past. As for Intel, long term Intel will prove all negative analysts wrong and grow their EPS well above $3 and continue to raise dividends. Banks messed up because they were pressured indirectly by Congress to extend loans to very risky borrowers. All i'm saying is that the low rates should help the responsible ones and those who have a hard time paying their mortgages could easily afford to rent a place.

    • Obama has a hard on to help the people in their homes that don't belong. He wants to extort $ from banks to keep them in those homes. It is so wrong it is sickening. This President is all about handouts and this is just 1 more form of a handout.

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      • Those who are missing payments should not be exclusively rewarded with lower rates and foregiveness of principal. That's working backwards which is why home prices are still under lots of pressure. Things should be right again by giving lower rates to only responsible homeowners which is by far the majority. The one million or so that are missing payments will not be homeless. They can go back to renting something very affordable until they save enough to go into a home ownership the tradition way with a 10 to 20% down payment. This is more sustainable for the long term. And it tells homeowners that walking away from your mortgage has consequences. This way it will not be done strategically. Some people just don't have the ability to sustain homeownership no matter how much they are helped. We can't include wellfare in homeownership as well. Tell people that if you are paying your mortgage on time and have the ability to own a home financially, you will get the better rates because you are a lower risk. That makes alot of sense. And those who are struggling, don't worry, there are plenty of homes for you to rent. Nothing wrong with renting if homeownership is not working.

      • Extreme Liberal: "All poor people and underwater mortgage people are innocent victims of evil banks, and profiteers, and we should raise taxes on the wealthiest people to help them out."

        Extreme Conservative: ""All poor people and underwater mortgage people are heathen, unworthy, filthy, and no doubt blcak, undeserving of any assistance, which should only be given to the wealthiest taxpayers and bank CEO's."

        Middle People: "There is a reasonable solution to this mess and all parties will have to give something and will get a better nation and economy in return."

        Count me in the middle, you fascist, xenophobic, racist PIG.

    • The major problem is the mess that mortgage
      documentation has gotten into. We should find the people who created these bundled mortgage contracts and failed to carry the legal documents for the components and we should SHOOT THEM!!!

    • Put another way, if you don't do that, you have simply bailed out the bank CEO's and major creditors and done nothing whatsoever for "Main Street." Sounds great to a fat cat, for a while, but our economy does involve Main's sort of like your sort of need one.

      My original idea, had I been President, would have been to allow all banks to fail, but to set the Fed up with a window (eg, buy Wachovia) and let them deal directly with Main Street.

      In any case, your CNBC's guest's suggestion is a good one. It would never get by the Tea-Boogers because it is constructive.

    • If this IS America then why do peple who renounce their personal LEGAL obligatons,"houseloans",escape prison.

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