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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Sep 17, 2011 6:53 PM Flag

    Windows 8 on Intel will be tough to beat

    Windows 8 on Intel will be tough to beat

    I think this message coming out of Microsoft BUILD conference is as important to Intel (if not more important) as the GoogTel announcement out of IDF. For this means, Intel should be able to hold on to its vast existing Windows franchise and revenue (less risk to Intel investors)....while the GoogTel announcement is for future increased market and revenue potential (future opportunity).

    Further, the reviews of Windows 8 I have seen have been pretty much positive across the board. Which bodes well for Windows gaining a fairly good share in the Tablet market.

    Once hybrid convertible Ultrabooks appear and their prices come down to reasonable levels ($500 upwards using Atom to Core i3 to i7 processors), there is hardly any reason for a separate Tablet market to exist. Other than, of course, the market that is comprised of die-hard pure-Tablet fans.

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    • ltisteve Sep 18, 2011 1:41 PM Flag

      I unfortunately think Windows 8 is going to be a disaster for Microsoft. It's a compelling demo on that 12" tablet they gave away at build. I didn't just see it on Youtube, I held it in my hand and used it. I was in love!

      Then, I got home, and downloaded the demo for the PC. Someone needs to inform Microsoft that the PC is not a phone, nor an XBox. Yes I know that you can turn off the UI. My question is, once I do that, what else makes Windows 8 worthy of owning? A new task manager? A tad bit better performance.

      Microsoft has no idea, no clue whatsoever how to position Windows 8 to consumers. I know the ARM fans think that Microsoft is leaving the door open a crack for them and somehow they will parlay this into a decade of growing Windows market share at the expense of Intel. I even seen one guy go as far as predicting that this will open up Windows Server to ARM. Unfortunately for ARM they are hitched up to a product failure in the making.

      The reason Windows 8 will fail isn't because it's a bad product, or because it's associated with ARM, it's because of execution. This is a product that is clearly aimed toward a consumer market that will be far too ambitious and confusing for consumers. Had Microsoft studied Apple better they would have known to extremely streamlined their plan. They have no history of doing this, and you can plan on at least a couple dozen new SKU's.

      ARM for Windows won't do anything to help Microsoft. There is a remote possibility that a $200 ARM based Windows tablet will catch on. Or a $200 ARM based Macbook Air knock off. My only question is, where is it for Android? Why hasn't that taken off? Android has the apps ready to go an a huge user base.

      Everybody was under the impression that cheap, somewhat powerful ARM based tablets would set the world on fire. With the exception of Apple, it hasn't. If the ARM fanboys are looking to Microsoft to lead their future, it's looking like that is another dead end as well.

    • here is another message

      it tells you intel a stock which I love and just sold is going to lose a lot of business now that cheap chips can run msft win. Not everyone is doing intensive programs in fact most are not.

    • arm will kill x86's legacy,fun has started

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