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  • Gooddigger Gooddigger Sep 18, 2011 4:27 AM Flag

    Windows 8 on Intel will be tough to beat

    Ok ARM vendors are banking on a more powerful processor design, no doubt will use more power, married to a watered down version of windows, with at best limited application ability. Lets see, hmmm, sounds like a a celeron 1 type laptop.

    Just like apple decided to impliment ARM in their OS for macbook...oh..I forgot...Macbook has intel inside. Apple are NOT stupid. If they sniffed an opportunity to impliment Macbook on ARM they would have. Simple fact is the performance from ARM just aint there!

    Are the masses going to rush out and buy ARM based PC's or laptops, with built in 5 year old performance? Doubt it! Is MS lookin at grabbing some Tablet space on an ARM platform, guess so.
    Is Google gearing to take on MS in the OS x86 market, they sure are!

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