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  • penma1 penma1 Sep 22, 2011 2:11 PM Flag


    Thank you obama supporters. America is poor country now.

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    • I thought that is what you right wing trash wanted. You wanted to put the darkys back into the hole.

      Funny how you did not say a thinh when GW was crashing the markets and pushing us into negative GDP growth.

      Now you go KKK crazy yelling at OB.

      Oh well.
      The confederates lost.
      Get over it.

      ABE burned the south into the ground and the Yankees had their way with the southern women.

      Likely you southern boys who like to wear your confederate uniforms have some Yankee blood in you.

      That has uped your IQ from 60 up to 70.

      By the way--when we are still in a massive depression after 4 years of the next President who is a Repuke, will you be so upset?

      I just hope the riots do not take out your home.

    • You and O'Doucha both need tossed out of this country yesterday you sick Pile-O-Crap commi

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