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  • foxnewzz foxnewzz Oct 19, 2011 10:25 PM Flag

    Hey Paul, if Intel beats earnings next 5 years...

    Wow. I keep forgetting how terrible the economy has been the last decade and one day it will boom again and Intel will surely boom as well. Seems like anything under 30 is a steal, long term.

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    • ltisteve Oct 20, 2011 12:40 AM Flag

      I agree with Paul, but then again, I usually do. The thing about Intel that isn't so good for investors is that the management plays things close to the vest. They don't go out and bang on a drum and grandstand. The culture from Intel is to be as secretive as possible.

      As an investor you can buy the stock today at $24 and a few months from now it may be in the high 22's. You'll get frustrated and call the stock a POS and leave. It doesn't surprise us, we see it all the time.

      Intel is far less than a perfect company. But, never underestimate it. When the recession started and all hell was breaking lose a few years back Intel just kept at the R&D. I figured out something about them. What's happening right now with AMD I called during that time because they were laying off and cutting back on R&D. I could see Intel using their economic advantage over AMD and use the recession as a means of distancing themselves from AMD who struggled bigtime during 2008.

      AMD has been very much weakened and now is less of a threat to Intel than ever before. But, they aren't dead yet. They can still come back and cause problems. ARM is a larger opportunity. They are battling against Nvidia, Qualcom, Samsung, TSMC, TI and a host of other companies. Some fabs, some marketing companies.

      The future for Intel will be about the ramp up against ARM. As the industry moves to thinner cores and larger wafers there will be definite advantages Intel can get over the competition due to manufacturing expertise, financial investment in FABS, and investment in R&D. As the next few years go along, the weak ARM players will die off, but the larger, better capitalized ones will stick around. There is going to be some real opportunity for Intel to grow at a pace like they never have before.

      If you are into into for the long haul, what happens on a day to day basis is really irrelevant. What you are starting to see now has been brewing for the past few years. It's only getting started. If you buy the stock and it falls don't give up. It will come back around eventually.

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