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  • ltisteve Nov 7, 2011 11:17 PM Flag

    Some interesting observations about ARM

    I agree with most everything you said, except this.

    "That's what next gen ARM will bring. Not because it's ARM. But because they are NOT INtel and can't dicate to their customers they will have to pay HUGE markups."

    Let me ask you, what percentage of the cost of a computer should a processor be? When you have a $25 ARM processor in a phone that retails for $500 it's 5% of the total sale. Remove that processor from the equation and the phone will sell for $475? I'm sorry, I don't get it. You have ultra cheap processors and the cell phones are still too expensive.

    I know that excessive corporate greed isn't popular these days, but know what's even less popular? Unemployment. Intel employs nearly 100,000 people around the globe. And they pay them nice salaries. Intel also has been funding research in Oregon much like the Bell Research Lab did back in the 50's. It's where Moore and Noyce met. When they started Intel, it was with one thing in mind, employee stock ownership. You could work hard at Intel and make a nice retirement. One guy who retired early found a couple of young kids who had a dream, and a good idea. And with $90,000 of his Intel retirement money he funded Apple Computers. Steve Wozniak approached Acorn to break off a division called Acorn Risc Manufacturing (ARM). Follow the money trail from Intel to Apple, to ARM. Oh, by the way, there was some guy who had a bad business plan that nobody believed in. Out of desperation he went to see Robert Noyce. Robert laughed at the guy's nerve, but gave him the money anyway. The guy barely, barely barely got the company off the ground, it's called AMD.

    Intel with all it's huge profits are funding general research for the benefit of the entire industry. So much of what you take for granted came as a benefit from Intel's R&D, and let me tell you something. I don't see ARMH stepping up to the plate with the funding quite like Intel does. Intel is helping fund a 450mm wafer plant in New York with other ARM Fabs. I'm sure they can't do it alone. Where does this money come from? Yes, the HUGE Intel profits.

    I believe that when you buy an Intel processor, you pay for this one and part of the next one. But you are paying for more. Intel isn't a perfect company. Management by objective and cubicles were invented at Intel. Two things I don't think have necessarily improved society.

    I've studied Intel, and I haven't found a lot to lead me to think that they have been frivolous with their money. Oh, yes, they have manufacturing in the USA, as well as other parts of the world.

    When I think of two companies with HUGE profits in the business world it was IBM, and in consumer it's definitely Apple. Apple has pulled $72 billion out of the world's economy and done nothing with it. It's a stockpile of cash that have in a time of world recession.

    And, by the way, Intel can compete on the same price level as ARM for the sale of low cost processors. And still make a good profit.

    Greed is bad, but I don't see Intel as frivolous and greedy.

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