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  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Nov 7, 2011 7:33 AM Flag

    there is never ever and END to this fight.

    It was AMD.

    Now it is ARMH.

    It will be some other company if ARM should be thrown to the curb.

    All an Intel investor is looking for is a breakout in profits. Why?
    Because this stock has been stuck under 20 for most of a decade now. It made it over briefly but then crashed again.

    What did this to Intel? Was it little AMD? NO
    It was the PC makers and Computer makers in general. They always push against Intel because if Intel gets a huge market advantage in chip performance, Intel becomes a bully taking the lions share of the profits.

    But that is moralistic nonsense we hear because all companies do the same.
    A company is suppose to make profits.

    Intel, should it break out and crush ARM in phone chips in the smart phone fight, will benefit in a huge way. I have been saying this before even my Intel pumper brothers here ever agreed with me.

    You do the math people.
    1 billion phones sold last year.
    Future outlook is for 300 million or more of these to be smart phones. When it is with an Intel X86 chip inside, who is the winner?
    Intel of course.

    Now I know you say NOOOOO profit in phone chips. Nonsense.
    Do you know what the real charge is for an Apple smart phone is? close to 1000 dollars is the charge Apple hits people with.

    If Intel can get into the smart phone business and charge 100 dollars a CPU, let us see now. How much is that gross? 100 million phone gets Intel 10000000000 that is 10 billion dollars gross. If Intel gets up to 30% of phones sold with Intel inside you get 30 billion gross. Now the history of Intel is that about 60% of that gross turns into Net profit one way or another. So Intel has an upside of 18 billion dollars net a year coming from phones a lot sooner that anyone thinks.
    That takes the soon to be 4 billion net income in Q4 and in the future with just phone chips, turns it into 8 billion net a quarter. That is why you see Apple swimming in money now.
    Of course the server area will explode as well and so the 4 billion net profit we have now for CPU sales in today's computer market will double or more. That will happen in 3 or 4 years or less.

    Will Intel, should it win the smart phone war with its CPU, be sued again? NO
    because the competitor Intel crushes will be a European company in the UK and America will simply protect Intel.

    Of course others will follow and go for the market as well and Intel might not ever get more than 50% of the phone market but you can see that it is good for ALL!

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