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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Nov 13, 2011 9:25 AM Flag

    Wow, ARMH about to devistate Intel

    then after we completely wipe out all competition in the server area with Trigate, we Intel inside boys and girls will bend ARM over and give it a massive kick in the behind with a massive attack in the phone chip area.

    Before 6 months are over, Intel will be on the attack with over two dozen phone makers making smart phones with Intel CPUs inside.

    You should listen to the Inside marketing stuff out.

    The company has never ever been firing on all cylinders like it is now.

    When it hits 4 billion net profit in this quarter or next, the hurt locker will have hit the shorts at the institutions and Intel will be at 30 or higher as a share.

    Tick Tock has now gone to TICK TICK TOCK TICK Tick TOCK.

    Intel will be the ONLY company in the world making chips in volume using new chips made of something other than silicon in 5 years.

    What is impossible with silicon will become reality with Intel inside.

    Intel will be over 40 as a share in 2012. How much above is how to know with the idiots running world governments but Intel will be above 40.

    It could go to 80 but that depends upon the PE more than Intel profits. Intel will be at 5 billion net profit per quarter before the end of 2012.
    It will be above 7 billion a quarter before the end of 2013.
    Over 8 billion net comes early 2013 and the share price will be North of 80 and likely way over 80.

    Go ahead.
    Doubt it.

    You just do not get this phone and car thing do you.
    You do not understand that Servers are needed in massive amounts to run all this internet. You do not use your phone and computer 12 hours a day but kids do.

    This is the decade of Intel.
    Before the end of this decade, it will have split several times and be a legend as a stock.

    Intel will stick chips in cars, phones, computers, medical devices inside and outside your body.

    NO one will stop it now.
    AMD tried but failed.
    Governments tried but failed.

    Intel Inside.
    God bless the USA and Intel Inside. HAAAA HAAA

    Romney is a LIB.
    So Obummer or Romney and the Libs win again.

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