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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Nov 23, 2011 11:46 PM Flag

    AMD Roadmap Changes

    [As this article suggests "AMD isn't even on Intel's radar anymore due to its fabrication problems. Yet Wall Street is clueless and hasn't factored a penny into Intel's stock price.]

    [Fabrication is what Intel is using to bring its competitors to their knees. But because fabrication happens slowly and because Wall Street doesn't even have a basic understanding of fabrication, this important competitive advantage never gets factored into Intel's stock price. Next up to suffer from Intel's growing fabrication advantage: ARM, whose fabrication is slowing and whose roadmap stops after 20nm...]

    "“Changes are coming,” said In-Stat’s Jim McGregor, saying a change in manufacturing partners would not surprise him in the slightest, especially with relationships between Globalfoundries and AMD growing increasingly strained.

    “AMD has had so many problems with Globalfoundries this year, from low yields to low ramps and high cost,” he said adding, “The relationship between the two does not seem to be providing benefit to either company at the moment.”

    An agreement which expires on January 1, has meant that AMD only pays Globalfoundries for viable 32-nm dies, which has a financial loss for Globalfoundries based on the difficulties it has had achieving high yields. After January 1, AMD would have to go back to paying for every wafer, successful or not, something the firm may not be very keen to do.

    McGregor said that should the 28-nm Globalfoundries made APUs really be scrapped, it would cause a “world of hurt” for AMD, which would be left a generation behind its competition for most of 2012, making AMD even less significant in the market.

    “AMD just doesn’t matter. Even Intel doesn’t care about AMD anymore, the firm doesn’t even register on Intel’s radar, it’s that far behind,” McGregor noted.

    If AMD were to change manufacturing partners for its 28-nm APUs, it could take up to 18 months for chips similar to the planned --but failed-- Krishna/Wichita designs."

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    • I don't think INtel will be irrelevant...
      But ARM will continue to grow no matter how you want it...
      The world's $$ is pouring into ARM...

      "You seem to talk in repetitive talking points"

      I repeat the point when you attempt to misdirect...

    • ltisteve Nov 25, 2011 6:03 PM Flag

      What are you talking about, there is plenty of great conversations on the ARMH chat boards. They are all bragging about what price they decided to dump ARMH at. :)

      I do appreciate some of the ARM fanboys like theblueyedmonk because at least he had something intelligent to say. This guy talks in bumper stickers. Now his argument is that there is going to be some amazing set of apps that will be coming out somehow making ARM once again urgently relevant. Of course he's privy to the info and we're not so we should somehow listen to him?

      Is this even an argument? We'll if we are going to the world of fantasy here's my argument.

      Next year a massive virus will spread across all ARM based Android phones which will force a cyber attack on the US government and bring it down for 3 hours. By that evening the news will be out to turn off the Android ARM based cell phones and turn them in to be destroyed. They will also ask for all iPhones to be destroyed as well. People will run to the store and buy up Intel based Android phones creating a shortage and driving Intel's stock to 1000.

      Oops, I shouldn't have said that. I should be like this guy and say "You have no idea what is going to happen with ARM based smartphones next year."

    • ltisteve Nov 25, 2011 5:49 PM Flag

      >>>>You have NO idea what new apps are coming !!!
      NONE !!!!<<<<<

      Oh grand wizard oh wise one. Please enlighten us on the wonderful apps that will favor ARM and make Intel irrelevant.

      Or, you could just be making this krap up.

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You underestimate my background...<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      I don't think so. I have known so many brilliant engineers in my time, and you clearly aren't one of them. You seem to talk in repetitive talking points, and draw conclusions based on very little. This isn't how a good engineer thinks.

      You used to talk about the wonderful ARM hardware, now you're banking on apps?



      You have wasted your ammo if you resort to "I know about killer apps and you don't" line. Give it up buddy.

    • That wasn't the question. I am not talking about smart phones. Name me one ARM product that isn't iPad nor Kindle Fire that has been an unqualified success?

      Given that the ARM ISA is the most shipped CPU ISA in history it's not hard to find examples:) How about:

      Nintendo DS
      Microsoft Kinect

      etc etc etc

    • The reason he's wasting his time with the ARMH-chair idiot is because he is a nameless, faceless alias on a message board and he'll eventually just vanish like all the AMD aliasis did. This board used to be FILLED with AMD trash talkers, now not one. NOT ONE!

      PS, where are all the other ARMH trash talkers? According to this guy, the world is investing in ARMH...........yet only ONE person in the entire WORLD is talking ARM trash on the Intel board? The entire world has access to this board, yet only ONE person in the UNIVERSE is here talking trash !!?? Telling! If that's not enough, go over to the ARM board. It's dead!

    • ltisteve Nov 25, 2011 5:32 PM Flag

      Hey Wally,

      I think you are wasting your time with this idiot. His talking points are a good six months old. They work well on people who are uniformed.

      This Idiot: "The world is investing in ARM"
      Uninformed Investor: "Really, never heard of ARM, tell me more."

      The ARM glory story is wearing very thin. The only thing ARM really excels at making these days is hype. I think you called it right a few weeks ago when they announced ARM server processors and the ARMH stock shot above $30 but then didn't go any higher. The hype had it's limits, the stock hit a ceiling in the low 30's.

      You are right about AMD. The fabless concept showed it's weaknesses. I am certain that smart investors have been keeping watch on AMD.

      Right now you can back a boat up to China and they can load it up with ARM based tablets that can't find homes even under $200. Somehow this guy feels that an even lower price is what people are demanding. He can't face the facts that without a viable platform ARM is nowhere.

      Look Intel's no holds bared release into the Android ecosystem. And look at the many stipulations placed on ARM walking into the world of Windows. And he tells us we have no counter?

      Remember all that happy talk about Apple going to dump Intel for ARM? Then what do we see last week, a patent filing for an Intel based tablet from Apple.

      The 15 minutes of ARM fame are almost up. Their one shining moment of glory was Apple's Q2 financial results. iPad and iPhone sales went through the roof. Expect to hear them talk like it's summer of 11 for the next five years as they bask in the ARM glory. Just leave them alone and make sure they have plenty of Kleenex.

    • "You're absolutely correct. We have no counter"


    • "LMAO... you guys have NO counter...The world is investing in ARM !!!!"


      You're absolutely correct. We have no counter to someone who thinks the world is a person making investments...

    • LMAO... you guys have NO counter...

      The world is investing in ARM !!!!

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