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  • getanid61 getanid61 Nov 28, 2011 7:39 PM Flag

    LTIsteve - What to do ???

    I received a private message from Steve.
    Two clicks:
    1) remain invisible to this user
    2) ignore all messages from this user

    Never did receive your message.
    In Hindsight, Probably a very good thing !!
    But when I was ignoring your message,
    your full name was listed.
    After a google search, and recognizing
    your picture from your blog site

    I will now use every bit of self-control I have, and not post your full name, or whatever...
    I'm posting this for I've never been in this position before to entirely expose someone...

    My schooling, and entire career have been in this business...
    I understand the technical side.
    I understand the business side.
    A photographer is NOT gonna teach me how it works...

    Now you're gonna have to let it go...

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    • Wow, you played "God" with that guy, Getanid61. So sad. Wow.

    • The problem you have with attempting to run any legacy Windows o/s on ARM is that you would expect it to run with x86 apps binaries and that just isn't going to happen as no-one is prepared (i.e. spend money) to deploy an emulator to make it happen. Microsoft can't even be bothered to make Office 2012 run on WARM machines next year which signifies to me that they are using WARM primarily to penetrate tablet o/s further rather than helping ARM further upwards into PCs. Did Intel have a backroom hand in this ? Maybe.

    • blah blah blah

      re-read the thread you BUFFOON !!!!

    • There isn't any explanation in that thread of why someone long Intel and no position in ARM would bash Intel and promote ARM with 50 posts a day...

    • That you have to use all of your self-control to avoid blowing someone's identity on the internet just demonstrates what an adolescent slime ball you are. This on top of trying to turn the verbal altercation into a gay bashing fest.

      Coupled with your consistent name calling, I can only conclude that you got removed from your mama a number of years too early.

      The idea that you are long Intel and have no position in ARM is laughable. There's ample evidence that you lie with impunity.

      Your only service to this board is in the instance of comic relief and that passed long ago.

      When it comes to verbal skills there is not a person on this board that can't b-slap you into the cheap seats. And that includes people who just learned to write this week.

      Your crybabyish, repetitive, content-free posting are a fine example of how to lose respect and vaporize credibility.

      And worst of all, you appear to be just another of Lucy's totally dysfunctional persona's. Only as a shill does any of your behavior seem even remotely comprehensible.

      Today was a great day for longs but you whined and complained all day. And now you want us to believe you are an Intel long.

      Nobody is buying your act. Move on...

    • Struck a nerve, I love it.


    • PS, if you totally expose someone on a message board, you are NOT a good person inside, unless they've harmed you or your family in some way. If you expose them, you are possibly putting them in harms way from psychos on the internet. That's cut and dried, and the fact that you had to "think about it" tells me your aren't a very good person.

    • What is that some attempt to blackmail someone about releasing their name in order to take it easy with you ??? Dont you find this a bit underhanded and maybe even fictitious?

      My problem with you and i dont know what the others or LTIsteve see as a problem , is along these lines;

      - What are you doing posting here (same goes for Lucy by the way if its not you)? Are you short INTC and long ARMH?

      - If you are only long ARMH why bother with intel, go post there and its to your benefit if your story is right to let intel shareholders to take a beating. Frankly someone long ARMH shouldnt care at all what intc is doing. What gives? I have never posted on ARMH for example because although i find the valuation ridiculous i couldnt give a rat's a$$ to post for the stock when i play only intel trades and investment. I find both long or short armh to be very risky ideas.

      - If you are short intc and just love armh so much as a self wish to kill the stock then what exactly is the benefit from shorting something that has a basic floor near 18-20 for years now and which has overperformed estimates quarter after quarter and is earning record profits historically with the stock price being near PE 10 ie totally undervalued levels.

      Basically shorting intel is a bs idea unless doen with puts on very overbought hit and run style. Being long ARMH may be a scary idea too but at least its a direction that makes some sense if oen likes them, better sense than shorting intel.

      If you are neither long armh nor short intel then you have a problem buddy and you are not dealing with it properly.

      Basically i am waiting to hear what is your position on these 2 and to get lost essentially if you have no position, since this is not a place to fight with people, its a place to exchange information and learn why being long or short or neutral makes sense. Its an investment trading forum not a fight forum.

      Either way if you want some honesty forget about releasing other people's names and instead disclose what your trading position on these 2 stocks is. Then maybe your posts will start having some value.

      PS: I am currently long intel with unlimited upside potential and downside risk if all went to of 29% max loss and my delta is equivalent to having a stock position at only 42% equity (so i am very leveraged without the risk of a crash). I have no position in armh and not interested in taking any kind of position as its derivatives spreads are a joke an a serious indication something pathological is going on there.

      • 2 Replies to maximum_probability
      • by maximum_probability.Nov 28, 2011 8:30 PM
        What is that some attempt to blackmail someone about releasing their name in order to take it easy with you ??? Dont you find this a bit underhanded and maybe even fictitious?

        Basically, but that's how European degenerates roll.

      • Maximum_pro,

        My post was for Steve, not you,
        And it's done now...

        "Are you short INTC and long ARMH? "

        I am long INTC, NVDA, QCOM, ALTR
        Heavy positions in all
        I tell the folks on the board I'm long INTC, but no one accepts it.

        My view on ARMH is that ARM is the rubber stamp that will allow
        NVidia, QCOM, TI, Marvell, AMCC, TI, Calxeda, etc... to enter the CPU business...
        The winners will design their own ARM cores...

        I also view ARMH growth separate from ARMH's customers such as NVidia or Qualcomm.
        But the ARM ISA is gonna spread everywhere... regardless of ARMH valuation.
        Though ARM will grow in 2012, ARM's real growth will begin to start in a year from now...

        What so many refuse to understand is that it's not a zero sum game.
        INtel is gonna double, but the market will quaddruple
        Trying to view that if INtel wins, then ARM loses is naive...

        ARM is NOT AMD...

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