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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 1, 2011 4:28 AM Flag

    Perma pumper. You really do need to pump phones more.

    I, as a very very successful investor, have always noted that my big wins in investing have always come against the grain.

    By this I mean I made the most money when I saw something far before the idiots on Wall street.

    Intel--phone chips.
    I started this --- phone chip posting about a year ago and went heavily into Intel based upon this area.

    Yes I know--Intel will make huge profits on servers. It will make huge money on making chips in areas that most do not even see yet.

    But it is the phone that will be a shock and awe attack by Intel. It currently has near 0 market share in phones. When it gets it CPUs into 20% of phones than 30% than 40% and so on, this will be a shocking hit to the wall street investment funds.

    Do the math.
    Go ahead.
    40% of phones sold will be smartphones in two or three years from now. If you sell the CPU for those phones and make 100 dollars profit per sale, what does that add up to?
    300 million smart phones sold in 3 year from now as a yearly rate.

    Go ahead and do the math.

    We Intel longs will smile when Intel hits 30 in the next few months, but when it hits 50 in 12 months, we will be laughing with an Intel powered phone in our hands and an Intel tablet on our laps.

    Net profits heading to 5 billion per quarter in less than 18 months.

    Stock at 50 will be cheap.

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