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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Dec 2, 2011 3:34 PM Flag

    Intel Says Android 4.0 for Smartphones, Tablets Ready

    Intel on Friday said it has readied Android 4.0 for smartphones and tablets based on its upcoming Atom processor code-named Medfield, raising the possibility of Intel-inside handheld devices being released next year with the new OS.

    The company had a version of Android 4.0 for Medfield up and running within a day of Google open sourcing the OS, and now packages for smartphones and tablets with Medfield drivers are available to device makers, said Alec Gefrides, head of the Google Program Office at Intel.

    Intel is working with device makers to optimize and fine-tune the OS for specific platforms and products based on Medfield chips. While the OS is expected to be ready in time for the product releases, it will be up to the device makers to decide whether they want to implement the OS in smartphones or tablets.

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    • ltisteve Dec 2, 2011 11:43 PM Flag

      Dumb question, but will the x86 phone processor need any kind of bios? My guess is no. If a SoC really never changes then it may not be necessary.

      Let's see how this plays out. I read about Android on x86 a few years ago and thought that it was still years away.

      I'm also curious if there may be a dual boot for Android to run it on a regular PC. Perhaps Android is heading to desktops? I know, it's another version of Linux. I'm also not a fan of bringing a phone UI to a PC. You just never know what Google is up to.

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      • Not sure if Medfield would be used for Tablets...from my recollection, it would be lower-end Mobile Atom processors. I guess we will find out soon.

        As Marsavian indicated, there are dual OS (Windows/Android) Tablets already available. But they use much earlier versions of Android. This will be the first time Intel devices can be on par with other tablets in terms of having the latest Android OS.

        BTW, here is Intel's trump card. They have been mentioning that the next generation of Ultrabooks in 2012 will start coming with touch-screens. This is when we start seeing a whole range of i3, i5, and i7 "convertible" notebooks which can be used as both regular laptops as well as tablets.

        For $699, probably discounted at the lower end to $599, we should be able to get a sleek 15mm ultrabook which will serve both as a notebook computer and a tablet. Some other reports indicate that Apple is moving in that direction is impossible for Apple to continue iPads in huge volumes (with prices of $499 upwards) and provide features more-or-less similar to Kindle Fire. Apple will have to provide these notebook/tablet hybrids to command a premium price. Which will, of course, need more high-end Intel processors.

        Intel still needs to keep improving its graphics capabilities to minimize AMD's presence in this game. And extend its power/performance capabilities to the Atom line to reduce ARM to a niche market space.

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