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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Dec 6, 2011 1:57 AM Flag

    Smart Phones - The Intel Invasion Begins

    "The most recent version of the Google Android operating system, called Ice Cream Sandwich, is ready to run on devices powered by Intel's 'Medfield' processor.

    A spokesperson for Intel confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich would be supported on upcoming Intel Atom Medfield-based devices on Monday.

    "Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be supported on upcoming Intel 'Medfield' processor-based devices, and Intel continues to work closely with Google to optimise Ice Cream Sandwich for future smartphones and tablets based on Intel Atom processors," an Intel spokesman confirmed.

    While the spokesman could not give any release details of specific smartphones or tablets that will use the Medfield chip, he added that device manufacturers and app developers already have access to all the code they need to get started.

    "Intel optimisations for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich are available today to ODMs (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) using the Intel Android BSP (Board Support Package), as well as developers working with us on NDK (Native Development Kit) apps in advance of Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich-based x86 devices being available commercially," he said."

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    • "devices powered by Intel's 'Medfield' processor."

      Yes, how will the INtel 32nm Medfield for 2012 compare to the competitors 2012:
      28nm Snapdragon ??
      28nm Tegra /?
      28nm OMAP
      28nm etc...

      • 1 Reply to getanid61
      • > Yes, how will the INtel 32nm Medfield for 2012 compare to the competitors 2012:

        Medfield will compare very well. Remember, Intel is coming from behind in this space and has had an uphill battle for the last couple of years at least. No customer would put Medfield on their phones unless it was viable in terms of performance, power, and cost. And they would have made doubly sure that Intel's roadmap after Medfield was going to put them in an even better trajectory relative to the other processors.

        So I am fairly convinced that Intel is in a good position.

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