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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Dec 7, 2011 12:23 AM Flag

    Intel is currently playing with 14nm test circuits, releases teaser info

    In an exclusive interview with NordicHardware, Managing Director of Intel Northern Europe, Pay Bliemer, revealed that Intel is currently playing with 14nm circuits and have them actually "up and running" in a lab.


    Bliemer also says that by the time Ivy Bridge launches, Intel will be one and a half nodes ahead of the competition.

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    • "That isn't even the best bit! Intel has already pushed 14nm into the test lab and NordicHardware have confirmed from Intel that they have the technology to build circuits at 14nm, and are currently running tests at 14nm in the lab."

      "We need to keep going and you can trust me that in our labs we actually have the next generation after 22nm running, so we need to keep going.[...]I cannot really disclose more about that other than that in a laboratory-environment, absolutely we do have the path, our engineers do have the path to actually go and produce 14nm products.

      There are many variables that you can play with of course it is not the right name for it and the engineers would not like it when I say play, that you can influence to actually go and stay to that model. And I think the breakthrough we had now with the 3D metal gates, just the design of the gate will actually allow for much more efficient thermals and power."

      [It's enough to make a fabrication-deprived ARM fanboi weep. Intel has 14nm chips up and running when ARM doesn't have the technology to even begin a plan for construction of a 14nm fab. ARMs fabrication roadmap stops at 20nm..]

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