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  • getanid61 getanid61 Dec 10, 2011 3:10 PM Flag

    Intel pump part 2.

    "it surely causes me to be concerned about the internal understanding and drive of the management team."

    Consistent record revenues & profit...
    and you're concerned ??

    Forward thinking by getting even more aggressive with their fabs...

    "History has proven that Intel has consistently been behind the 8 ball when it comes to developement,but yes it always catches up and usually surpasses the competition; but the share prices has always paid the price, no? I'm really interested in understanding IF some of these statements could be true and may support the poor stock performance over the last decade."

    When what INtel is doing is working so well, it's hard to open the view and focus on other

    "they have always been the leader and still the institutional investment communtiy calls it "dead money". Yes it has outperformed recently and yes the upcoming quarter should be even better, but what about the the subsequent quarters as China slows, India continues to restrict trade, and Brazil slows as it has been. Forget about Europe all together."

    YOu answered you own question

    "I am an Intel buy side researcher for my firm and I think Intel will grow just like many here, BUT anything above $35 I can't see in any way nor can 95% of the anylsts out there. Not saying they are all right, not for a second. But I would like to know how it gets there now given the fact that we can all see the good and bad and yet it has sputterd for 10+ years. "

    by continued growth...
    and continued execution...
    by no means is that a guarantee
    INtel has its failures like all companies
    and you're investing in their road map that
    years from now they predicted today what the
    market will watn...

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